Eli Ohlhausen

Eli Ohlhausen of the O’Sullivan Law Firm


Eli Ohlhausen, EsquireBefore becoming an attorney, Eli worked in the motorcycle industry, which began when he attended the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix Arizona. Upon graduation he was hired by a BMW dealership, where he became a certified mechanic, transitioned to service advisor, and eventually was promoted to manager of the service department. Eli is still passionate about motorcycles and has been riding them for over 30 years; he has ridden and raced in nine countries on three continents and remains involved in the sport. If you ride, you may see him on the back roads near his home in Conifer, on the trails at Rampart Range, or on the track at Berthoud, Thunder Valley, or any of the other wonderful riding opportunities Colorado has to offer.

It was actually a motorcycle accident that brought Eli to the practice of law.  He was injured due to another person’s negligence and he found out that insurance companies will not take you seriously unless you are represented by an attorney.  He hired an attorney who negotiated a good settlement of his claim.  This was his first exposure to the legal system and he realized that practicing law would be something he would enjoy and could be good at, and, with his personal injury claim settled, he had the means to go to law school. At that point, he made the difficult decision to change careers; he quit his job, went back to school, and got his law degree.

Eli moved to Colorado after graduating from law school and has been practicing personal injury law here ever since. His background as a motorcycle rider and as a personal injury plaintiff gives him a unique insight into this area of law and how it affects people. As a motorcycle rider, he is no stranger to injuries and he understands how painful and debilitating they can be. As a former plaintiff, he understands how confusing and frustrating the legal system can be to those who are not familiar with it.  This background allows him to appreciate what his clients are experiencing and understand how it affects them, as well as convincingly describe his client’s pain and suffering to others.

Meet Our Other Attorneys

Scott O'Sullivan

Scott W. O’Sullivan is founder of The O’Sullivan Law Firm. He previously worked as an insurance company lawyer but left because he hated the way insurance companies treated accident victims. In 1996, Scott decided to represent only injury victims.

Cara New

Cara New, EsquireCara New has brought numerous lawsuits against some of the largest insurance companies in the country, resulting in many six-figure and even seven-figure recoveries for her clients.

Our Support Team

Anna Grifa, Legal Assistant

Anna Grifa has been working in the field of personal injury law for over a decade, serving as legal assistant to several firms in the Denver area before landing at The O’Sullivan Law Firm. She says her favorite aspect of this area of law is that she is able to help people who have been wronged through no fault of their own.

Sharon Killoran, Legal Assistant

Sharon Killoran has worked in the legal field since 1982. Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the firm’s practice, helping with everything from medical records requests, writing settlement demands and bookkeeping. She finds the personal injury field very rewarding because she enjoys personally helping people through the difficult challenges they’re facing as a result of accidents.

Claudia Arellano, Legal Assistant

Claudia earned her associate degree in business from Red Rocks Community College and speaks Spanish fluently. She enjoys personal injury law because she has found that accident victims often don’t know critical information necessary to secure their rights and she enjoys helping them during what can be a stressful time.

Brittany Ann Hansen, Paralegal

Brittany Ann Hansen is a paralegal with The O’Sullivan Law Firm. She has been working in the field of personal injury law for nearly five years and says her favorite part of personal injury is litigating unfair cases to provide clients with the best possible outcome.