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Let’s Geek Out on Motorcycle Trends

June 30, 2016

Motorcycle trendsAs a Denver motorcycle accident attorney, I have to do a lot of research into my clients’ motorcycle accident cases. Of course, I’m only human and often my online searches lead me to fascinating articles about motorcycle trends. I thought I’d share some recent tidbits that made me say, “What?! That’s crazy!”

A company has created a 3D-printed electric motorcycle! One of the articles I saw called it “Swiss cheese on wheels” because of the loopy-looking body frame. The motorcycle was created by APWorks, which is a subsidiary of Airbus.

A article states, “The motorcycle uses hollow frame parts that contain the cables and pipes… The frame weighs just 13 pounds, about 30 percent less than conventional e-motorbikes.”

Motorcycle Trends: An Electric Harley?

Speaking of electric motorcycles, did you know that Harley-Davidson is planning to release one in about five years? You heard it here. The company that makes the guttural, screaming, bat-out-of-hell bikes is apparently having a hard time pleasing Harley purists, who want the company to stick with tradition.

But why not let a company that REALLY knows motorcycles branch out and serve a wider audience? Besides, if you look at the pictures of the prototype, this doesn’t look like your mother’s scooter, by a long shot. It’s still got Harley attitude and the public’s growing love for electric vehicles might make this one of many motorcycle trends, too.

Motorcycle Riding Robot!

But wait! There’s more! Did you know that there is a robot that can ride a motorcycle? I’m not talking about some 1950’s looking robot with giant eyes and arms like laundry vent tubes. This robot is sleek, fast and ready to race!

Recently, the robot, which was designed by Yamaha and is called Motobot, raced with superstar motorcyclist Valentino Rossi, who is also called “The Doctor.” (If you know why he’s called The Doctor, please email me and let me know.) The video shows the Motobot racing and he looks, well, great! Perfect form and no hesitation. When this thing is perfected, motorcycle racers may be left in the dust!

I wonder if we could get Motobot to wear a BikerDown Look Twice Save a Life t-shirt…

Now, I wouldn’t be a responsible Denver motorcycle attorney if I didn’t also share something about safety. No one knows the statistics of motorcycle deaths more than I do – except motorcyclists who have lost friends and loved ones to Denver motorcycle accidents. It’s summertime and bikers are everywhere. Let’s all Look Twice and Save a Life when we’re out on the streets.

OK, now back to my research…

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