Table 6 - Business Directory

We are providing this directory in order to help support businesses and non-profits that we love through this terrible health crisis. We must pull together if we want to see these local businesses survive. Check out these listings to see what these businesses are doing to serve their customers.

Table 6

Location 609 Corona St. Denver Colorado 80218 Phone: (303) 831-8800 Website:


American comfort food restaurant, with an eclectic, unconventional twist.

Thank you for being such wonderful customers. Yes, we’ve closed the dining room for in-person visits, but we’re hoping you’ll still let us feed you with comforting food in this time of discomfort!

We have limited our menu to take-out and delivery between the hours of 4pm and 8pm, daily. You can order anytime through our website or by calling the restaurant between 4pm and 8pm at (303) 831-8800.

In the interest of cleanliness, we are only accepting credit and debit card payments.