Car Flips and Rolls off Berthoud Pass

Single Car Crash - Passenger

The Crash

Malorie was a passenger in a friend’s car and they were driving over Berthoud Pass. Her friend hit black ice, lost control of the car and they flew over the guardrail, flipping and rolling several hundred feet down the mountain. The paramedics who arrived thought that everyone in the car would be dead, but they were still alive. Malorie suffered broken ribs, a broken hip, a punctured lung, and a torn artery in her neck.

The Investigation

Malorie hired The O’Sullivan Law Firm. Our initial plan was to pursue full policy limits from the driver’s insurance and, if they didn’t comply, sue them. This was a horrific, dramatic crash and the case for full policy limits was very clear. However, because Malorie was friends with the driver, she would not agree to let us sue the driver’s insurance company, a decision she now regrets. She now understands that suing the insurance company would not have been a personal attack on her friend, but rather would have forced the insurance company to pay her what she was owed for her injuries.

The Claim

Ultimately, we were able to secure the following for Malorie:

  • Partial policy payout from the driver’s insurance company
  • Full policy limits from Malorie’s own underinsured motorist coverage (UIM)

The Final Settlement

$158,000* (see investigation)