We just felt comfortable with Scott right away.

“I just put my trust in him and I feel like he made the best decisions for me. He has experience with a lot of motorcycle accidents and he even told me the story of a friend he lost to a motorcycle accident. He really understands people’s situations and will do the best for them. I feel like The O’Sullivan Law Firm did great for me.”

Scott was the only one who looked into my accident enough to fully understand what happened.

“I don’t want to call Scott a lawyer because he becomes a friend. That’s Scott O’Sullivan and that’s the people who work for him. Everybody at The O’Sullivan Law Firm has the mentality and heart that they’re going to walk you through this and get you through this as easily as possible, as pain-free as possible, and see to it that you are treated fairly, justly.”

The outcome was even better than I expected!

“When you get the call that both of your only two children have been in an accident… it was horrid. Our medical bills were over $120,000! I just let Scott handle it so that I could help my daughter. If I had tried to handle it all, I would have stressed out so bad, and I know I wouldn’t have gotten the results he got.

It’s a good thing we contacted Scott. The guy who hit my girls’ car was driving a dealership car and he didn’t have his own insurance. The dealership only had the bare minimum insurance. Scott found ways to get everything taken care of plus he got the girls some money for school.

Scott is really easy to work with. Scott said, ‘I’m going to try to get your medical bills reduced and then get it all covered by insurance.’ And he did it!The insurance companies and their attorneys were trying to bully us. That was their job. Scott handled it all for us and got us what we needed.”

Are you taking care of yourself?

“We heard of The O’Sullivan Law Firm and I called them and I got Scott at home! He was getting ready to take his kids out to soccer practice, but he stopped and talked to me. The first thing he said was, ‘Are you OK? Are you taking care of yourself? Do you have people that you can lean on?’ He didn’t ask, ‘How much do you want to make?’ And that right there was important.”

Supportive team

“While a lawsuit is the last event one would wish in their life, it has certainly been a much better navigation with the representation of the O’Sullivan Law Firm. I worked with the associates of O’Sullivan for two years and was very pleased with their support all throughout the journey. They kept me updated and all the information they provided was honest and it helped me to cope with the loss that I experienced. They are a professional group and I hold a great deal of respect and gratitude for all of the employees of O’Sullivan.”

A professional team with a high level of integrity.

“I retained Scott O’Sullivan to represent my interest in a lawsuit against a drunk driver. I met Scott by chance and after finding out he was an attorney I asked about my type of case. He made it clear he was not looking to take me away from my current attorney and then proceeded to tell me more about my case in 10 minutes than my current attorney had in 3 months.

I promptly fired my former attorney and retained the services of the O’Sullivan Law Firm. I could not be happier with that decision. Scott and his entire firm showed the utmost care, consideration, dedication, professionalism, and genuine regard for me and my situation. The entire team worked diligently to move my case along without delay. They kept me informed and prepared every step of the way as the case moved forward. In the end, Scott skillfully negotiated a very favorable settlement.

I have and will continue to recommend Scott and the O’Sullivan Law Firm to anyone needing legal representation. It is refreshing to see such a high level of honesty and integrity in today’s world. I can not say enough positive things about my experience working with these good people.”

Put at ease and got our medical bills reduced.

My wife and I interviewed other lawyers and they all made us uncomfortable. Scott put us at ease immediately. The way he handled the situation, the way he talked to us… he calmed us down. He let us know he had the situation under control. I knew I had to have surgery and go through rehab. Scott said, ‘Let me take care of the legal side of your case and your hospital bills and you just focus on getting better.’ He really helped my wife and me out quite a bit.

Scott is not greedy and he didn’t push us to do things we didn’t want to do. He gave us all of our options and let us make informed decisions.

Scott got my medical bills reduced. I still don’t know how he did it but I know that he did a lot of work behind the scenes.

Case handled with care, professionalism, and extreme reason.

“I was fortunate that a friend referred me to The Scott O’Sullivan Law Firm. Scott handled my case with care, professionalism, and extreme reason — he never faltered in providing me the best legal representation available in Denver. He successfully brought my case to a close; the outcome was the justice I deserved and the closure I needed to move on to a new phase of life. Thank you Scott for all of your hard work. I counted on you and you never failed to deliver the best.”

Pleasant experience and fast turnaround.

When I got out of the hospital, I knew I needed legal representation but I was in really in bad shape from the accident. Scott was more than willing to come to my house and meet with me. Scott was able to negotiate with the hospitals in order to lower my hospital bills.

Working with Scott was pleasant! He was professional, honest and polite. He got the job done quicker than I would have imagined.

Peace of mind after bicycle hit and run.

“I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with The O’Sullivan Law Firm. Scott and his firm helped me through some tough times following a hit-and-run bicycle accident. Not having any prior experience with legal issues, I didn’t quite know what to expect, and went into the process of interviewing lawyers with some reservations. But any expectations I did have were consistently and greatly exceeded. From the very beginning, I couldn’t have been more impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm, and sincerity with which my case and I were treated. With someone like this in my corner, my mind was put completely at ease; after a traumatic event like my accident, peace of mind of this kind was priceless. Later in my case, Scott’s empathy, generosity, and integrity genuinely surprised me, providing me, a hit-and-run victim, with something even more invaluable than that inner peace: a reaffirmation of faith in the fundamental goodness and decency of humanity. Thank you, Scott.”

Hit and Run
Genuine concern, concise with details

“I was struck by an SUV in May of 2012 while crossing a sidewalk which I suffered numerous traumatic injuries as a result. Scott O’Sullivan was recommended to me by a co-worker. When I met Scott he was professional, attentive, and showed genuine care and concern. Scott did a great job at making sure I was prepared and understood the entire process from beginning to end. He was very clear and concise with all the details involved which increased my confidence. He was happy to answer all my questions (which at times were a lot). He definitely went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend the Scott O’Sullivan Law Firm to anyone who has been injured in an accident. They made a very difficult and stressful time in my family’s life a little easier. There are many things I am grateful for having come out of that accident, Scott is most certainly one of them.”

Friendly with clients – hardball with insurance company.

“I was hit by a car riding my bike and was badly injured. We decided to let a personal injury attorney handle the case instead of trying to hassle with the driver’s auto insurance company. We picked Scott because of his extensive knowledge and experience. He was friendly with us, but played hardball with the insurance company. While none of us wanted it to go all the way to trial, this is when Scott’s strengths shined even brighter. We won the trial and recovered the damages for my medical bills, lost wages, and more. Scott is a great lawyer capable of handling any accident – car, motorcycle, bike, pedestrian. I sincerely hope I do not need to recommend them to any friends, but I wouldn’t hesitate to do so. Dealing with a car accident sucks, especially when you’re trying to recover from injuries. The insurance rep may seem friendly, but behind that smile he is trying to figure out a way to deny or minimize your claim. Give Scott a call, even if you don’t think your accident was serious enough to warrant an attorney. He’ll help you understand your rights and take most of the stress off your shoulders and allow you to focus on healing.”

Attorney referral

“I am an attorney, but don’t practice personal injury; but as a lawyer, I get called by every friend or family member who gets into a car accident and I send them all to Scott O’Sullivan. I can’t recommend him more highly. Scott is an expert in this area, to the extent that other lawyers ask him for advice. He also really cares about the people who come to him. I have always been impressed with the results that he gets consistently for his clients. If you are looking for a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle or car accidents, you must contact Scott.”

He’s done everything. I don’t worry about anything.

“My dad always told me, you get that feeling about people and you should trust it. That’s how I felt about Scott. Honestly, he’s done everything. I don’t worry about anything. He’s doing his job. I’m doing my healing. Simple as that. You know what else really surprises me about Scott? He’s an attorney and he answers his own phone!”

My attorney always called me back or emailed me back within hours.

“I hired one of those big firms that advertises on buses and billboards. I guess I wasn’t a big enough fish in the pond for them. They put me on the backburner a lot. So, I actually fired my attorney and I started looking for someone who would give me more personalized attention and I found The O’Sullivan Law Firm. One thing that I appreciated about O’Sullivan is that my attorney always called me back or emailed me back within hours. Not days. Oh, and of course my case got resolved 100 percent. I was very happy by the end of it. I would definitely recommend The O’Sullivan Law Firm.”

Amazing advice and encouragement

“My husband was in a 43-car pileup in November 2010. Of course, there were many victims of the car accident but my husband was, by far, the worst of the bunch. Scott was amazing in his advice to us. I think the thing that I appreciated most was that Scott simply kept encouraging my husband to heal. We had fears about the expenses that were stacking up, and lost time on the job, but Scott let us put all of that on his shoulders… and my husband healed. Scott is genuine in his care for people. It comes through the minute you meet him. I would — and have! — recommended him to friends. He’s just a good guy who’s also very good at what he does!”

Scott was there every step of the way.

“Scott was there every step of the way. He knew exactly how to pick up the pieces and just guide us because I had no idea what to do. I was completely lost. It was like having my dad help me. That’s the best way to put it. He’s an amazing man and he’s just a great guy. If you ever get the chance to work with him, you will not be disappointed in the least.”

Son Burned at Daycare