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Case Studies

Our personal injury lawyers in Colorado win cases and help accident victims reclaim their lives. Read each case study to learn more about how much we won for our clients.

Motorcycle Crash on Highway 76

Raul was riding his motorcycle on Highway 76 near Fort Morgan when a woman made a left-hand turn in front of him. Raul had no time to react and slammed into her car. Four days later, he woke up in the hospital to learn that he had lost his right arm. He also had a broken back, broken left arm, a shattered right hand, shattered pelvis, bleeding on his brain, and many more injuries.

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Car Flips and Rolls off Berthoud Pass

Malorie was a passenger in a friend’s car and they were driving over Berthoud Pass. Her friend hit black ice, lost control of the car and they flew over the guardrail, flipping and rolling several hundred feet down the mountain. The paramedics who arrived thought that everyone in the car would be dead, but they were still alive. Malorie suffered broken ribs, a broken hip, a punctured lung, and a torn artery in her neck.

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Motorcycle Crash on I-70

Rita was riding her motorcycle eastbound on I-70 when all of a sudden a giant blanket flew off of a nearby truck and landed in her path. But this was no ordinary blanket. It was a concrete tarp, used by concrete companies to cover concrete products during transportation. They are heavy and they are sturdy. Rita hit the tarp and went down. She was severely injured and ended up in the hospital for a long stay.

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Motorcycle vs. Drunk Driver Settlement in Aurora

It was late at night and Derek was on the side of the road, standing next to his motorcycle, when he and his bike were hit by a drunk driver. Derek was catastrophically injured and is terminally disabled both mentally and physically. The drunk driver fled the scene. Luckily, a carload of witnesses stopped to tend to Derek, and they also shared their story with police. They actually knew the drunk driver!

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