Slip and Fall Injury in Denver

Slip and Fall

The Incident

Renee and her son were walking on a sidewalk outside of a strip mall in Denver. It was a beautiful sunny day, 50 degrees outside. Renee and her son walked from a bright area to a shaded area and she slipped on black ice.

Renee fell on her back and hit her head so hard that it knocked her out. She ended up in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, knee injury, short-term memory loss and bilateral tinnitus.

The Investigation

Renee hired The O’Sullivan Law Firm and we immediately visited the scene of the Denver slip and fall. We learned that this was a known problem area and the landlord had been alerted many times to the issue. Further, on the sunny day when Renee was shopping, there were no warning signs placed at the site of the incident: no cones, no salt, no sand.

Nothing had been done to warn shoppers of this known hazard. Additionally, our investigation uncovered the fact that the roof and gutters were leaking right onto this spot of the sidewalk and the landlord had been informed of that issue, as well.

The Claim

Renee endured significant physical pain and faced very high medical bills. We sued the landowner’s property insurance and secured a meaningful settlement for our client. This is an unusually high settlement for Colorado slip-and-fall cases.

The Final Settlement