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Denver Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you have been injured, or a loved one has been killed, in a pedestrian accident in Denver, you’ll need a lawyer who is understanding and compassionate to your needs, but aggressive toward the insurance companies. The Denver pedestrian accident attorneys at The O’Sullivan Law Firm have fought for – and won – maximum settlements for pedestrian accident victims. It would be an honor to talk with you about your accident and to help you understand your rights.

Fighting for Denver’s Pedestrian Accident Victims for Over 25 Years

At The O’Sullivan Law Firm, Scott O’Sullivan doesn’t just fight for pedestrian accident victims; he has been advocating for safer roads for nearly 25 years. Most recently, Scott developed the Denver Accident Map, which helps people study the streets they walk through Denver and plot the safest routes. (In fact, Scott’s work was recognized in several Westword articles.) The City of Denver has even used the map in its Vision Zero campaign to save lives on Denver’s roads. Additionally, Scott has worked with Senator Lois Court for several years to pass stricter distracted driving laws. As an attorney with 25 years of experience, Scott understands Colorado’s personal injury laws, but he also cares about making Denver a safe place to walk.

Denver Pedestrian Accident Attorney

How Can a Denver Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Help My Case?

A pedestrian accident attorney in Denver is going to be an invaluable asset in these cases. A skilled lawyer will have the resources and legal experience necessary to take care of every aspect of the claim on behalf of the client. This will include gathering any evidence needed to prove liability, such as video or photo surveillance, statements from eyewitnesses, accident reports, and more. Additionally, an attorney can:

  • Ensure their client is evaluated by a trusted medical professional who can treat their injuries and help calculate total expected losses.
  • Gather all medical records, proof of lost wages, and proof of out-of-pocket expenses in an effort to calculate economic and non-economic damages.
  • Obtain and review all insurance policies related to the pedestrian accident.
  • Handle negotiations with aggressive insurance carriers and at-fault parties on behalf of the injury victim.

Pedestrian Accidents in Denver Can Result in Severe Injuries

Unfortunately, pedestrians do not have much protection against the force of a vehicle slamming into their bodies. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the average passenger vehicle weighs approximately 4,000 pounds, which means that the force exerted on a person’s body is tremendous when an impact occurs. When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, they will usually sustain two injury-causing impacts: one impact with the vehicle and another impact with the ground.

At The O’Sullivan Law Firm, our Denver personal injury lawyers regularly help clients who have sustained the following injuries in these situations:

  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Severe lacerations or puncture wounds
  • Road rash
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Concussions
  • Open head wounds
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Other severe back or neck injury
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Significant scarring and disfigurement

In addition to these horrific acute traumatic injuries, our attorneys also help pedestrian accident victims who have sustained significant emotional and psychological trauma. These injuries can lead to immense pain and suffering as well as major changes in a person’s life. Our goal is to help clients secure compensation for their physical injuries as well as any hidden emotional and psychological trauma.

What Types of Compensation are Available?

Pedestrian accident victims in Denver are often able to recover significant amounts of compensation, either through a personal injury jury verdict or through an injury settlement with an insurance carrier. Our attorneys strive to recover both “special damages” and “general damages” on behalf of our clients. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Special damages. We also refer to these as economic damages, and this revolves around the types of losses an individual victim sustains that are relatively calculable. We can gather up bills, receipts, pay stubs, and more to adequately calculate the following:
    • Emergency medical bills
    • All continuing medical care
    • Prescription meds
    • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
    • Lost income if a victim cannot work
    • Any out-of-pocket expenses
  • General damages. These are also referred to as non-economic damages, though they are a little bit harder to calculate than the economic losses mentioned above. That is because these are more “unseen” losses that an individual incurs as a result of a pedestrian accident in Denver. This includes compensation for:
    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Emotional or psychological distress
    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Loss of consortium for family members or a spouse

Adequately calculating compensation amount for a pedestrian accident in Denver requires working with trusted medical, economic, and financial experts. These individuals can thoroughly examine the situation and help properly estimate total expected losses and present this information to the insurance carriers or to the personal injury jury.

How Much is a Denver Pedestrian Accident Claim Worth?

There is no specific amount of compensation paid to pedestrian accident victims in Denver. There are various factors that can affect total payouts from the insurance carrier or as a result of a personal injury jury verdict. The main factors that can affect pedestrian crash compensation amounts include how severe the initial injuries are, how long it takes to recover, whether or not a pedestrian crash victim can work, whether or not there are any long-term disabilities, and more.

Shared Liability for a Pedestrian Accident Claim

It is not uncommon for insurance carriers or at-fault parties to try and place some or all of the blame for an incident onto the pedestrian, even if the pedestrian is the one who sustained the injury. Yes, there are times when multiple parties share fault for an injury incident. However, pedestrian crash victims in Denver may still be able to recover compensation even if they share some fault for the incident. 

Colorado operates under a “modified comparative negligence” system. This means that individuals can recover compensation if they are up to 49% at fault for an incident. Any person 50% or more responsible for their own injuries will be unable to recover compensation for their losses.

The compensation amount will be reduced, though, depending on the percentage of fault a person has for a particular incident. For example, if a pedestrian is found to be 10% responsible for their injuries because they may have been looking at their phone when the collision occurred, then they would receive 10% less compensation than they would otherwise have gotten for the incident.

What is the Time Limit To File a Pedestrian Accident Claim in Colorado?

Pedestrian accident victims in Denver need to be aware that they have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit in these cases. The Colorado personal injury statute of limitations is two years from the date an injury occurs. If a pedestrian accident victim fails to file a lawsuit within this two-year timeframe, they will likely lose the ability to recover the compensation they are entitled to.

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