Helping Colorado’s accident
victims for over 25 years.

Denver Scooter Accident Attorney

Helping Colorado’s Scooter Accident Victims for Over 25 Years

Even at a time when more and more people are using alternate modes of transportation, there is still a bias against people who ride scooters from police, witnesses, and insurance companies. Even though the scooter is “street legal,” there are still those who feel that they don’t belong on the road — just because they aren’t the norm. When it comes to scooter accidents, cases are typically slanted against the scooter rider, even though it may be clear it wasn’t the rider’s fault. At the O’Sullivan Law Firm, we believe in your right to use alternative transportation to get from Point A to Point B and we will make sure you receive everything you’re owed after your Denver scooter accident.

If you are looking for an attorney to help you after an accident, you should know that there is a distinct difference between personal injury attorneys and other types of lawyers. Personal injury attorneys don’t charge you a dime for anything until after your case is settled. If you have met an attorney who charges you for a consultation or asks you to pay a “signing fee” to handle your case, run the other way!

Personal injury law is one legal specialty that works on a contingency fee, which is simply a fancy way of saying, “free until we win.” You should pay nothing to your Denver personal injury lawyer until he or she secures a settlement for you from your case. At that point, your attorney will recoup some costs and receive an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement.

And by the way, it’s free to call me up to discuss your case. I would enjoy the opportunity to hear what you’re facing and to offer my help.

Denver Accident Map

It feels like Denver’s streets are getting more dangerous by the day. But, aside from weekday morning traffic reports, it can be hard to determine how dangerous and where the car crash hot spots are. We wanted a way to view car accidents in Denver by type and location so that we could make better, safer decisions about our travel routes. So, we created the Denver Accident Map, which allows you to drill down by month (within the last 12 months) and all the way down to the intersection closest to where you live. Use it to keep your family safe!

Denver Scooter Accident Victim Lawyer: Experience Counts

The O’Sullivan Law Firm has helped many Denver scooter accident victims. We will not only work tirelessly on your behalf to get your medical bills reduced as low as possible, but we will also aggressively seek to ensure that the defendant’s insurance company compensates you properly for your injuries.

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I don’t think there is a more confusing, frustrating or scary time than the journey you face after a serious scooter accident. Not only are you managing your injuries, doctors, hospital bills, and the emotions that threaten to overwhelm you and your loved ones, but you also have to grapple with insurance companies – both yours and the other drivers.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a scooter accident, the attorneys at the O’Sullivan Law Firm are here to help. We have the resources and experience necessary to help you with your case. When you are in need of a Colorado personal injury lawyer, you can contact us online for a free consultation, call us at (303) 388-5304, or check us out on YouTube.

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