Denver Accident Map

It feels like Denver’s streets are getting more dangerous. But it can be hard to determine how dangerous and where the car crash hot-spots are. We wanted a way to view car accidents in Denver by type and location so that we could make better, safer decisions about our travel routes. So, we created this map, which allows you to drill down by month (within the last 12 months) and all the way down to the intersection closest to where you live.

This map is best viewed on desktop.

Rider Justice Has Created a New Car Game to Raise Awareness of Bikers

“I grew up playing Punch Buggy or Slug Bug, punching my sibling every time we spotted a VW bug,” says Scott O’Sullivan, founder of Rider Justice and The O’Sullivan Law Firm. “I’ve always wanted to create a game for kids that raised awareness of motorcyclists and even bicyclists on the road.” 

Thanks to Scott’s inspiration, Rider Up! is born.