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Denver Marijuana DUI Accident Attorney

With the legalization of recreational marijuana use in the state of Colorado, the number of people who are injured in marijuana DUI accidents is expected to grow. Even though purchasing recreational marijuana became legal in January 2014, drivers are still not allowed to smoke cannabis while driving, nor to be under the influence of any other type of drug.

At The O’Sullivan Law Firm, our team is here to help if you are in need of a Denver Marijuana DUI Accident Attorney. Because of Scott O’Sullivan’s prior experience as an insurance company lawyer, he knows exactly how to aggressively fight against the insurance companies to make sure you receive the settlement you deserve.

Were You Involved in a Marijuana DUI Accident?

If you or a loved one have been involved in a marijuana DUI accident, let The O’Sullivan Law Firm of Denver help you. As with any DUI case, our Denver marijuana DUI lawyers are prepared to ensure that you secure all damages that are owed to you.

If you are looking for an attorney to help you after an accident, you should know that there is a distinct difference between personal injury attorneys and other types of lawyers. Personal injury attorneys don’t charge you a dime for anything until after your case is settled. If you have met an attorney who charges you for a consultation or asks you to pay a “signing fee” to handle your case, run the other way!

Personal injury law is one legal specialty that works on a contingency fee, which is simply a fancy way of saying, “free until we win.” You should pay nothing to your personal injury attorney until he or she secures a settlement for you from your case. At that point, your attorney will recoup some costs and receive an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement.

And by the way, it’s free to discuss your case.

Know Your Rights

If you’re the victim of a marijuana DUI accident (or your loved one has been hurt), you need to fight for a settlement that will not only take care of your immediate medical needs but also your long-term healthcare, not to mention any lost wages and suffering you’ve endured. Because the legal issues are incredibly complex in DUI cases, you need an experienced Denver marijuana DUI attorney on your side. The Denver car accident attorneys at The O’Sullivan Law Firm are especially aggressive in DUI cases; if the insurance companies balk for an instant at your claims, we take them to court.

Experience as a Marijuana DUI Accident Lawyer

Marijuana DUI accident cases can be very confusing and victims need a DUI attorney on their side. Why? Because, in accidents involving someone who was driving under the influence, the city’s district attorney gets involved and files a criminal case against the driver, but it is not the DA’s job to help the victim in the accident. The DA’s job is to punish the bad guy.

After the January 2014 legalization of marijuana, laws changed to legalize the drug, but laws also changed to protect victims. Scott O’Sullivan and his dedicated team of Denver personal injury lawyers will ensure that your medical bills are reduced and will enforce your rights with the defendant’s attorneys and insurance companies.

We are unequivocal in our stance on DUI cases: the moment the DUI driver’s insurance company puts up any fight whatsoever, we sue them. As the victim in a marijuana DUI car accident, you need a DUI lawyer to make the negligent driver and his insurance company pay you in the civil process. There is absolutely no reason that the marijuana DUI driver’s insurance company should balk at any of your claims for full compensation.

Our Denver Marijuana DUI Lawyers Make a Difference

Scott W. O’Sullivan is the founder of The O’Sullivan Law Firm. He previously worked as an insurance company lawyer but left because he hated the way insurance companies treated accident victims. In 1996, Scott decided to represent only injury victims and he has never looked back.

Cara New has brought numerous lawsuits against some of the largest insurance companies in the country, resulting in many six-figure and even seven-figure recoveries for her clients. She has represented countless clients in depositions, mediations, arbitrations, and trials.

While riding a motorcycle, Eli was injured due to another driver’s negligence. He hired an attorney who negotiated a good settlement of his claim and the process changed his life. Eli used his settlement to attend law school and has been fighting for accident victims ever since.

When you need a Denver Marijuana DUI accident attorney, contact The O’Sullivan Law Firm today at (303) 388-5304 or online for a free consultation.

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