Digital Journal, November 28, 2023
Rockin' Rescue Night Out

Digital Journal

The O’Sullivan Law Firm, a Denver personal injury firm, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2023 Rockin’ Rescue Night Out, benefiting Denver Rescue Mission. This annual event raises money to help house Denver’s homeless.

“I don’t know if the need has ever been greater,” says Scott O’Sullivan, founder of The O’Sullivan Law Firm, and a sponsor of the event since its inception in 1997. “We see people experiencing homelessness all around us every day. That is why we need to support Denver Rescue Mission as it does the hard, hard work of helping these people get off the streets, get their lives back together, and find housing.”

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Motorcycle Travel Channel, July 16, 2023
Motorcycle Lawyers & Insurance Questions

Motorcycle travel channel

Chasing the Horizon Podcast, October 8, 2022
Episode 138, In Which Scott O’Sullivan Talks Motorcycle Law...

“How often do you get to talk to a lawyer off the clock? Scott O’Sullivan – the rider behind the law office known as Rider Justice – gives us an hour of his time. All kidding aside, Scott is passionate about making sure motorcyclists are represented not just when they need help in court, but at the legislative level in Colorado, where he lives, and elsewhere.”

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Motorcycle Rider News, May 26, 2022
TFL Bike Rebuild for Charity

“TFLBike is a content creation team based out of Boulder and they cover “news, views and real-world reviews covering motorcycles, e-bikes and everything else on two (or sometimes three) wheels!” Find them on YouTube!

All of this background information is so I can share with you a project Rider Justice and TFLBike are doing together: A complete rebuild of a Honda CT70 that will be auctioned off to benefit our favorite local non-profit: BikerDown!”

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Overland Expo, July 28, 2021
Food, Friends, and Adventure Bikes...

“Rider Justice’s mission includes advocating for injured riders and helping the motorcycle community as a whole. ‘I started Rider Justice with the intention of making roads safer for all motorcyclists and supporting the riding community,’ said Scott O’Sullivan, founder of Rider Justice. ‘We are thrilled to host the Moto Diner at Overland Expo.'”

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Westword, October 14, 2019
Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Denver for Traffic Accidents Right Now

“…car accidents involving cyclists, pedestrians, scooter riders and other vehicles continue to occur at a dizzying pace. The issue is particularly acute in a handful of Denver neighborhoods, where crashes and hit-and-runs are all too common — and the RiNo Art District, where Holub was killed, is on the list.

Our source is the Denver Accident Map created by the O’Sullivan Law Firm, whose data we’ve utilized for a series of reports about 2018 traffic deaths, the most dangerous days of the week for-hit-and runs, and more. The resource is built upon Denver Police Department data and updates every 24 hours.”

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Westword, January 18, 2019
New Plan to Ban Handheld Phone Use While Driving for Everyone in Colorado

“A new bill to make driving while using a handheld cell phone or similar device illegal in Colorado is ready to go for the 2019 legislative session. And while a similar measure was done in by what’s known among politicos in the General Assembly as the ‘kill committee’ last year, attorney Scott O’Sullivan, one of the bill’s most vocal advocates, thinks it has a better chance this time around.

‘Our hope is that the 2019 legislature will be more receptive to it, so at least we can get a vote up or down in the House or Senate,’ he says about Senate Bill 2019-012, also known as ‘Use of Electronic Mobile Devices While Driving. ‘He adds, “This should be a bipartisan issue.'”

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Westword, July 31 2018
Most Dangerous Times of Day to Drive in Denver

“The most dangerous time to drive in Denver is between 5 and 6 p.m., when more than 1,300 accidents typically take place every year. That breaks down to an average of nearly four accidents during that hour every single day.

This estimate is based on Denver Police Department statistics compiled on the Denver Accident Map, a new resource developed by the O’Sullivan Law Firm.”

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Fox 31, May 13, 2017
Distracted Drivers Increase Motorcycle Crashes

Fox 31

“More than 160 motorcycle riders lost their lives on Colorado roads last year, according to O’Sullivan. This year, he said, the numbers are on track to be even higher.”

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9News, April 24, 2014
Motorcycle News Report: Avoiding Dangerous Situations

9News, April 24, 2014
Motorcycle Safety Report in Denver, Colorado

9News, April 24, 2014
Springtime Motorcycle Safety Report

9News, April 24, 2014
Situational Awareness on Motorcycles - Denver, CO