Case Results

Motorcycle Accident

Don was riding his Harley when a car driver “made a suicide turn” across his lane of traffic. The driver was in the left-turn lane of oncoming traffic and pulled out in front of Don.

“I hit him going 45 miles per hour,” remembers Don, who says that’s the last thing he remembers. Witnesses at the scene and police reports state that Don was tossed 40 feet and he was hit so hard that his boots were still on his bike – the impact literally knocked him out of his shoes.

Don spent the next 38 days in the hospital fighting for his life. He underwent five different surgeries, including one that lasted 14 hours just to rebuild his face. When he left the hospital, his medical bills exceeded a million dollars. Don only had $100,000 of underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) so he could only hope that the car driver who hit him had enough insurance to cover his bills.

Scott O’Sullivan and Eli Ohlhausen, who is also with the O’Sullivan Law Firm, found that the car driver had outstanding insurance and they were able to get Don a settlement within nine months. The settlement was enough to cover all of Don’s bills, save his home, replace his lost income and assure that he can afford the medical procedures that he’ll require in the future.

Motorcycle Accident

Reid was riding his Harley-Davidson 20 miles-per-hour through a school zone at 38th and Vivian in Wheat Ridge when he saw an oncoming truck turning left across his lane. Reid tried to swerve around the truck, but the other driver drove into Reid’s lane and stopped.

The impact launched Reid off of his motorcycle and threw him 60 feet. At the moment of impact, Reid’s leg got caught between the truck’s rear bumper and quarter-panel, ripping his entire kneecap off. The accident left him in a coma for two weeks, resulted in the loss of one of his legs, and has left him with nerve damage and pain that he will likely face for the rest of his life.

Reid hired Scott O’Sullivan, who discovered that the 80-year-old man who hit Reid had $1.5 million in umbrella coverage. Just four months later, Scott had secured a settlement for Reid. But Scott didn’t stop helping Reid at that time. Reid had $700,000 in Medicaid bills and Scott negotiated those bills down to $65,000.

Car Accident

Bridgette was riding as a passenger in the third row of a large SUV that was traveling eastbound on I-80 when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. As a result, the SUV careened off the road and rolled over several times. Bridgette was ejected from the vehicle and incurred dozens of critical injuries.

Several months after the accident, Bridgette was referred to The O’Sullivan Law Firm. Immediately after being hired, Scott O’Sullivan tracked down all the possible insurance policies that might cover Bridgette’s injuries. Scott quickly made claims against the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier (American Family) and Bridgette’s own underinsured motorist insurance (UIM) carrier. Additionally, Scott hired several experts to help Bridgette establish her harms and losses. These experts included a vocational rehabilitation expert, a neurologist, and an economist. Scott then used the experts’ reports against the various insurance companies and was able to secure the maximum policy limits in the amount of $1,450,00 from all the responsible insurance companies.

But Scott’s work did not end there. Scott also was able to make Bridgette’s health insurance company waive their right to subrogation, meaning Bridgette gets to keep the approximately $600,000 the health insurance company paid for her medical bills. It was an honor to work on behalf of Bridgette and we are proud of how hard she has worked to recover from her injuries.

Vibrio Vulnificus Food Poisoning

Raphael ate dinner with several members of his family at a local restaurant. While at the restaurant, he ate raw oysters that contained flesh-eating bacteria known as Vibrio Vulnificus. Of all food-borne diseases, Vibrio Vulnificus is the most serious in the United States, with 95% of all seafood-related deaths being due to this one bacterium. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that there are 50 food-borne cases each year serious enough to require hospitalization (although estimates as high as 41,000 total cases have been calculated). As a direct and proximate result of eating oysters tainted with the Vibrio bacterium, Raphael was seriously and permanently injured. His injuries included but were not limited to the amputation of his legs, permanent scarring, permanent disfigurement, past and future medical bills, and of course past and future lost wages.

As an experienced personal injury lawyer, Scott O’Sullivan filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, the distributor, the wholesaler, and the harvester of the oysters. Raphael, a hard-working father of three, unfortunately, did not have health insurance and had medical bills in excess of $300,000. In order to prepare for trial, Scott O’Sullivan retained half a dozen experts to determine the future medical needs and wage loss issues that Raphael would face in his future. These experts determined that Raphael’s total future medical needs would be at least $3,967,200, though probably more. Additionally, the experts determined that Raphael would probably have upwards of $409,600 in future wage loss as a result of not being able to continue working in the construction industry.

As a result of the vigorous prosecution of the case by Scott, the restaurant settled the case for their policy limits of $1,000,000, plus the remaining parties were able to negotiate a settlement amount of $750,000, which will help take care of Raphael’s medical needs, wage loss and pain and suffering now and into the future.

Motorcycle Accident Resulting In Death

Chuck and Sarah, a married couple, were riding their motorcycle on a busy road. Sarah was riding on the back of Chuck’s bike. As they approached an intersection, a person coming from the other direction made a left-hand turn in front of them. Chuck and Sarah slammed into the side of the car. Tragically, Chuck died at the scene of the accident and Sarah received catastrophic injuries.

None of the witnesses to the accident stuck around so the District Attorney didn’t bring extra charges in the case, keeping the charge at a basic “failure to yield” rather than “felonious killing.” Sarah hired The O’Sullivan Law Firm’s motorcycle attorneys to help her secure funds for her own medical bills. Scott drove to the scene of the accident in Northern Colorado and interviewed witnesses at a nearby restaurant. Based on their testimony, Scott was able to secure the full policy limits from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. However, it wasn’t nearly enough to cover Sarah’s medical expenses.

Scott began looking into Sarah’s own insurance coverage and discovered that Sarah and Chuck had multiple vehicles with separate policies on each of them and that Sarah should have coverage from her own insurance policies for her medical care. Sarah’s own insurance company tried to hide the coverage that was available to her but Scott was able to stack each of the policies to secure a total of $900,000 for Sarah. Further, he was able to reduce Sarah’s medical bills to $0 under the Colorado Make-Whole Law.

Car Accident

Margo and three other passengers in her car were traveling south on Quebec Street when they were broadsided by the defendant, who failed to stop for a red traffic signal. As a result of this car accident, the defendant was charged with two counts of “careless driving resulting in serious bodily injury.”

Margo was severely injured and had more than $250,000 in medical expenses and her passengers had a combined total of approximately $14,000 in medical expenses. Unfortunately, Margo did not have health insurance, nor did she have medical payments coverage as part of her car insurance policy, which would have paid some of her medical expenses. As an experienced personal injury attorney, Scott O’Sullivan filed a lawsuit against the defendant on behalf of Margo and her passengers. After aggressively litigating their case, Scott was able to settle Margo and the passengers’ cases for a combined total of $863,000.

Motorcycle Accident

Jim was riding his 2002 Harley Davidson motorcycle eastbound on 104th Avenue in the left through lane approaching Fox Run Parkway. The defendant was driving her car westbound on 104th Avenue in the left turn lane, approaching Fox Run Parkway. The defendant, failing to yield the right-of-way at the intersection, initiated a left-hand turn from westbound 104th Avenue to southbound Fox Run Parkway, and crashed into Jim’s motorcycle as he proceeded through the intersection. The impact of the collision ejected Jim from his motorcycle and he landed on the pavement sustaining significant injuries.

After the collision, Jim retained The O’Sullivan Law Firm to help with his claim. Through investigation, Scott O’Sullivan learned that the defendant did not have enough insurance to compensate Jim for the severe injuries he sustained in the collision. Therefore, Scott made two claims: one to secure the defendant’s full policy limits and the second to secure Jim’s underinsured motorist coverage. Ultimately, Scott was able to obtain the full policy limits of $200,000 from both insurance companies.

Drunk Driving Case

Lisa was driving a mid-sized SUV, traveling eastbound on Colfax Avenue approaching Pearl Street. The defendant, who was driving his car while under the influence of alcohol, was traveling northbound on Pearl Street at a high rate of speed. At the intersection of Pearl Street and Colfax Avenue, the defendant ran a stoplight and slammed into Lisa’s vehicle. The force of the collision caused Lisa’s vehicle to smash into the back of a parked pick-up truck before rolling 1 to 2 times. Lisa’s vehicle came to rest on its roof and Lisa, who was 23 weeks pregnant, hung suspended by her seat belt. The roof of her vehicle was so crushed that, once Lisa was able to free herself from the seatbelt, she had to crawl out one of the passenger side windows. As a result of the defendant driver’s negligence, Lisa sustained significant injuries. Fortunately, the baby was fine and was born full-term.

After Lisa’s medical condition stabilized, Scott O’Sullivan submitted a settlement demand letter to Progressive Insurance, the drunk driving defendant’s insurance company. Progressive Insurance originally tried to claim that Lisa was not very hurt and that her claim was worth less than the policy limits. Thanks to Scott’s persistence, the case settled for full policy limits of $100,000.


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