Motorcycle vs. Drunk Driver Settlement in Aurora

Motorcycle Crash in Aurora, Colorado

The Crash

It was late at night and Derek was on the side of the road, standing next to his motorcycle, when he and his bike were hit by a drunk driver. Derek was catastrophically injured and is terminally disabled both mentally and physically. The drunk driver fled the scene. Luckily, a carload of witnesses stopped to tend to Derek, and they also shared their story with police. They actually knew the drunk driver!

The Investigation

Derek’s parents hired The O’Sullivan Law Firm and we began our investigation. After tracking down receipts and visiting several bars, we learned that the drunk driver had been out drinking all night with several women. These are the same women who later saw the drunk driver hit Derek on the side of the road. The women were the witnesses, and they told us the whole story.

They admitted that they met the drunk driver earlier that night on an app and arranged to meet him in a parking lot where they all started drinking. From there, they drove separate cars to several bars. At the end of the night, the girls tried to stop their new friend from driving, but he insisted, so they followed him home. That is when they saw him hit Derek.

The drunk driver took off, but the woman stayed with Derek, called the police, and then shared the full story.

The Claim

Here are all of the ways we sought compensation for Derek:

  • We sued the driver and got his maximum policy limits.
  • We sued every bar that the driver visited. Colorado’s Dram Shop Act states that a bar or restaurant cannot knowingly serve alcohol to someone whom they know is intoxicated. We got the maximum allowed by the state.
  • We filed a claim against Derek’s own Underinsured Motorist insurance and secured the maximum available.

The Final Settlement


What the Client Says

Derek’s father wrote a Google review and said, “Simply the BEST!!! Our son was standing next to his bike when he was hit by a drunk driver, and left in the street to die. It is only by the Grace of God that he is alive today. He suffered 83 fractures and a Traumatic Brain injury. The folks at O’Sullivan not only took care of the settlement of the accident, but they helped us get through the rigors of getting the Guardianship, and Conservatorship for our son. He is alive and doing well, and lives with us in Arizona.
Thank You So Much!! Scott and Cara.”