Motorcycle Crash on Highway 76

Motorcycle Hit By Car

The Crash

Raul was riding his motorcycle on Highway 76 near Fort Morgan when a woman made a left-hand turn in front of him. Raul had no time to react and slammed into her car. Four days later, he woke up in the hospital to learn that he had lost his right arm. He also had a broken back, broken left arm, a shattered right hand, shattered pelvis, bleeding on his brain, and many more injuries.

The Investigation

Raul’s girlfriend called several attorneys but only Scott O’Sullivan dropped everything to meet the couple and Raul’s family at the hospital. After sharing his memories of the crash, Raul asked Scott to represent him. Immediately, the family felt the relief of not having to deal with the insurance companies anymore. Scott tracked down witnesses to the crash, took statements, and began compiling all the necessary documentation to build a solid case for Raul.

The at-fault driver’s insurance offered just $25,000, which would hardly cover Raul’s first day in the hospital. On Scott’s recommendation, Raul refused the offer and Scott began the process to find more sources that he could tap on behalf of  Raul, including his own underinsured motorist coverage, and additional insurance coverage from the at-fault driver.

The Claim

Here are all of the ways we sought compensation for Raul:

  • We sued the driver and got her maximum policy limits.
  • We filed a claim against Raul’s own Underinsured Motorist Insurance and secured the maximum

The Final Settlement