Uber Driver Hits Motorcycle on Sheridan

Motorcycle Hit By Ride Share Car

The Crash

Chris and his wife, Betty, were on their Harley-Davidson, traveling northbound on Sheridan. As they approached the intersection, where they had a green light, an Uber driver made a left-hand turn across their lane and hit them. Both Chris and Betty sustained broken hands, broken legs, and severe road rash.

The Investigation

The couple hired Scott O’Sullivan to handle their case. By gaining access to police dashcam footage, Scott quickly realized that the police on the scene were very obviously biased against the bikers, and they were trying to find ways to blame Chris for the crash.

Scott found the woman who was the passenger in the Uber, and she agreed to serve as a witness. She said that the Uber driver was sitting in the left-hand turn lane and he had a red arrow; he never should have taken the left-hand turn. Additionally, Scott and his team made multiple visits to the site of the crash to conduct interviews and to video tape the ways that the traffic lights cycle.

Once Uber and the other entities involved saw all of the facts that Scott had unearthed, they agreed to settle for maximum policy limits.

The Claim

Here are all of the ways we sought compensation for Chris and Betty:

  • We sued Uber for their maximum policy limits.
  • We filed a claim against Chris and Betty’s own Underinsured Motorist insurance and secured the maximum available.

The Final Settlement