Lyft Passenger Injured by Racing Cars in Aurora

Rideshare Passenger Injury

The Crash

Alex, a 20-year-old young man, was getting a ride in a Lyft to a friend’s house. His driver needed to cross 6th Avenue in Aurora, Colorado, and he pulled out without taking time to study oncoming traffic.

Meanwhile, two cars were headed east on 6 th Avenue and they were racing at a high rate of speed. Both cars slammed into the Lyft when the driver pulled out, and Alex was ejected from the car. He suffered a brain injury and was in the hospital for months. He faces lifelong, permanent injuries as a result of this Lyft crash.

The Investigation

Alex hired the O’Sullivan Law Firm and we went after every party to the accident: the two speeding drivers, as well as Lyft. In this case, there were passengers in the two racing cars who were also injured and they had secured their own legal representation.

Those lawyers also sought to sue Lyft, attempting to take our client’s legal rights away to sue Lyft. We fought them and won the case for our client.

The Claim

Here are all of the ways we sought compensation for Alex:

  • We sued Lyft for their maximum policy limits.
  • We filed claims against both at-fault racing drivers.
  • We filed a claim against Alex’s own insurance policy.
  • Because Alex lived at home with his mother, we were also able to file a claim under his mother’s

The Final Settlement