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Pokemon Go Accidents

July 28, 2016

pokemon go accidentsIf you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go, you might want to get a crowbar and bang your way out from under the rock that’s got you pinned down. Then again, you might want to stay right there, nice and blissed-out. This game has taken distracted driving (and walking) to a …

Full Coverage or Fool’s Coverage?

July 21, 2016

Full Coverage InsuranceDo you think you have “full coverage” on your auto or motorcycle insurance?

Here’s a fact: most people have no idea what full coverage means and, worse, they don’t have what they need.

Not Really Full Coverage

We recently had a client call us after he was the victim in …

Biker Lives and Heals after Horrific Motorcycle Accident

July 14, 2016

Don Evenson defies the odds by surviving a horrific motorcycle accident. He died twice in the ICU in 2015.

“There is no reason I should be alive,” he says. And yet, he is. Now he has a story to tell… and advice to share.

Don was riding his Harley when …

Bicycling in Colorado: Stay Safe Out There

July 5, 2016

bicycling in coloradoAt my Colorado personal injury law firm, I have helped many injured bicyclists who were the victims of negligent and even aggressive drivers. For the most part, I think Colorado is biker-friendly. Our own governor often bikes to work! But it’s worth discussing issues that can come with bicycling …

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