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60 Years of Traffic Safety Infographic

October 11, 2010

Here is a cool infographic on traffic safety that we put together based primarily on the NHTSA 60 year report on car accidents in the US that recently came out. Enjoy!

Traffic Accident Fatalities at 60 Year Low

September 16, 2010

Not only have Colorado accident deaths decreased, but so have the overall number of traffic accident related deaths nationwide. This is quite an accomplishment considering that traffic accidents have been steadily on the rise from 1950-2008. According to a study recently released by U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, in 2009 …

What Coloradans Can Learn from NY Pedestrians Accidents

September 13, 2010

According to a 50 page study conducted by the New York City Department of Transportation and released by the Bloomberg administration, the streets of NYC are safer for pedestrians than one might think. Despite findings that the elderly and motorcyclists are most likely to be involved in an accident that …

How to Get Proper Motorcycle Insurance

July 7, 2010

Some Colorado motorcycle riders think that they have “full coverage” with their motorcycle insurance.  Only to learn after an accident that they did not have they right kind insurance coverage and/or not enough of it.  In order for you to have the best motorcycle insurance coverage I would suggest, at …

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