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Motorcycle Accident in Colorado? You Need a Colorado Attorney

April 22, 2015
Motorcycle Accidents

Colorado Motorcycle LawyerIt is always (well, usually) fun to have out-of-town guests and family visit, catching up, glorifying the old days and enjoying Colorado’s great outdoors together.

But, what if something happens to interrupt this idyllic time? Something like a motorcycle accident?  I know: no one wants to think about that. But please read this article before welcoming family or friends from out of town! You might be able to save them a lot of headaches by knowing this information in advance.

Namely: Colorado motorcycle accidents should be handled by Colorado attorneys. If you have a buddy here from out of state and he or she is in a motorcycle accident, make sure they seek a Colorado attorney before leaving for home.

Here’s why: Our state is different. (No, not different like your brother’s kids are “different.”) Colorado’s laws are different from other states’ laws.

In most other states, they have something called “no-fault insurance.” If your friends get in an accident in that state, their insurance covers them no matter who is at fault, including medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Colorado used to have no-fault insurance but now we hold the at-fault driver (and their insurance company) responsible for all damages. Simply put: If you’re in a motorcycle accident in Colorado, the person who is responsible for the accident is responsible for all of the victim’s damages.

So, if your buddy is in a motorcycle accident on Colorado roads, he cannot expect his own insurance to cover his expenses. He is under the jurisdiction of Colorado laws.

And getting paid by the at-fault driver’s insurance company is not easy. Your buddy will quickly discover that insurance companies do not automatically resolve these claims. Pretty much everyone – especially out-of-towners – needs the help of a personal injury lawyer who knows Colorado law.

Imagine how frustrating this could be for your friends and loved ones! For example, did you know that the other driver’s insurance won’t pay for damages until the victim is completely done with treatment? There is no “pay-as-you-go” provision. So, while a victim is racking up medical bills, their credit is suffering, and the bills won’t go away until the treatment is complete.

An attorney can help bridge this chasm for victims, helping them to understand other insurance options available and even helping to protect their credit. Meanwhile, a Denver motorcycle accident attorney can also work to secure the most possible from the at-fault driver’s insurance.

I know it’s not a great thought, but it’s better to be prepared so that you can best help your friends and loved ones manage the stress of a motorcycle accident.

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