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Driving 101: Brush up on Your Good Driving Habits

August 31, 2016

Good Driving HabitsDriving 101: What Good Driving Habits Have You Forgotten Since Driving School?

Presumably, if you have a driver’s license, you passed written and hands-on driving tests to earn it. But if you’re like me, that may have been a long time ago! In this blog, I thought I’d revisit a …

Top 5 Ways to Promote Motorcycle Safety

August 25, 2016

Hoooo doggie! It was a big ‘ol mess on July 24 when hundreds of bikers blocked I-25. A giant group of motorcyclists participated in an event they called “Kill Da Streetz,” which they said was intended to promote motorcycle safety awareness. However, even hard-core bikers have lambasted the participants and …

Teen Motorcyclists

August 19, 2016

Teen MotorcyclistChances are, if you’re an avid motorcyclist and a parent, riding is an experience and a way of life that you’d like to hand down to your children. Chances are also pretty good that you’ve seen some scary things on the road that you’d like to teach your kids to …

The Other Side: How a Denver DUI Defense Lawyer Does Their Job

August 18, 2016

DUI Defense Lawyer, DUI Defense Attorney
I have represented enough victims of drunk driving that I tend to be quite one-sided in my feelings about people who drive under the influence. Like you, I’m guessing, I find myself completely horrified by the idea that someone has been injured or killed because a person got behind the …

Home of Record: Important Information for Parents

August 11, 2016

Home of Record - Military WomanHere’s an interesting story ripped from the files of the O’Sullivan Law Firm. We learned a lot about this issue as we researched a case for our client and it is important information for all parents (and their older dependent children) to note regarding home of record.

Here’s the case:

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