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5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney if a Loved One Is Injured

March 3, 2024

Yesterday, I got a call from a long-time friend. She and her husband have been friends of mine for over 15 years. As soon as I got the call, I knew something was wrong. Her husband, my good friend, was in a car crash and was in the hospital. She …

Colorado Law On Negligence and Comparative Negligence

May 4, 2023

In Colorado, if you are found to have caused a car or motorcycle accident due to negligence, then you are held accountable for the victim’s damages, medical bills, and more. But what if both parties are found to be partially negligent for a car or motorcycle crash?

This …

What Survivors of Drunk Driving Injuries Want You to Know

May 18, 2021

image of person opening beer at drivers wheel | Colorado accident lawyer

I’m afraid this article might be rather bleak, but I still need to write it. Right now, I’m working with a survivor of a drunk driving accident – she was the victim – and her situation is very difficult. The accident clearly wasn’t her fault, and the bad guy was …

Why I Use Focus Groups in My Denver Personal Injury Cases

March 26, 2019

Focus group in DenverI recently posted an ad in Craig’s List, asking for people who might want to spend 30 to 45 minutes pretending to be a jury for a personal injury case that I’m working on. Fortunately, more than 20 people responded and showed up at the Carla Madison Rec Center, where …

News Coverage of Burned Baby Tragedy in Lakewood, Colorado

January 18, 2016

We are honored to help a family who’s son was badly burned at A Child’s View Day Care Center.

On December 13, 2015, a 14-month-old boy was severely burned over 6.25% of his body at A Child’s View Preschool in Lakewood, CO. Below is some of the local news coverage …

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