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FAQ: Is UIM Coverage With Your Car Insurance Needed if You Have Health Insurance?

February 22, 2024

Yes. Even if you have excellent health insurance coverage I believe that it is important to have as much Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UIM Coverage) as you can afford. This coverage protects you if the other driver didn’t have any insurance or not enough of it to pay …

Slip and Fall Cases in Colorado

February 13, 2024

Have you been hurt on someone else’s property? It may seem like you have a right to sue them, no matter the circumstances, because you were hurt and they should be held responsible! But slip and fall cases in Colorado can be more complex than they seem. If you suffered …

Questions to Ask a Restaurant Before Eating Raw Oysters

February 13, 2024

Due to a growing concern with a bacterium known as Vibrio vulnificus, oyster lovers should be on alert when it comes to eating oysters. It is simply no longer safe to eat oysters raw, especially if you don’t know which waters they came from, and how they were …

Top Five Topics to Discuss with Teen Drivers

February 11, 2024

Teen Driver

It can be terrifying to a parent to hand over the keys to the car. Oftentimes, parents sign a contract with their teen, holding them accountable for good behavior. (See the O’Sullivan Parent/Teen Driver contract here.)

It may seem like Parenting 101, but you need to have open communication …

Why Car Crash Victims Should Seek a Motorcycle Attorney

February 6, 2024

Navigating the aftermath of a car crash in Denver can be a daunting and complex task. You absolutely need to hire a personal injury attorney. But how do you choose one when you’ve never been through an experience like this before?

Here’s a surprising tip: hire a motorcycle attorney who …

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