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Denver’s 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

September 23, 2020

Denver traffic in the winter

Denver traffic is bananas! I have a friend who recently moved here from the Chicago suburbs and she said she’s been shocked by the number of cars on the road and the anger exhibited by drivers. Her impressions match my own observations, but somehow I thought the huge Chicagoland area …

What Are the Worst Auto Insurance Companies in America?

September 18, 2020

A few years ago, I wrote a story about the worst auto insurance companies in America. It was based on a report written by the American Association for Justice, which was published in 2016. That article got a LOT of attention, but it’s starting to get a bit old. Since …

What to Do When You’re Harassed by an Auto Driver

September 16, 2020

It’s no secret that Colorado’s roads are getting busier. With spring upon us, our neighborhood roads, thoroughfares, and highways are about to be populated with bicycles and motorcycles. While these bikers (of both kinds) can seem like a distraction or impediment when you’re driving your car from A to B, …

Wheat Ridge, CO DUI Crash Caught on Police Body Cam

September 14, 2020

Police officer's body cam - wheat ridge, co catches DUI

Have you seen the news about the suspected drunk driver in Wheat Ridge who crashed into a police car? There is even a body camera video that is utterly chilling. Before I go into the details of this crash, I want to let you know that, as an accident lawyer

Tesla Video Solves Hit-and-Run in Lakewood, CO

September 10, 2020

Person driving a Tesla - Lakewood, CO personal injury attorney discusses a hit and run solved by a Tesla camera

Did you hear about the hit-and-run in Lakewood, CO that was solved by a Tesla video? As a Lakewood car accident lawyer, I’ve been tracking the use of Tesla videos in car crash cases, which is a fascinating use of their security systems. First, let me tell you about …

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