Avoiding the Doctor or ER after a Car Collision? You Shouldn't.


You were just in a car or motorcycle accident. Should you go see a doctor? Yes.

If you were hurt or injured in the accident, you should immediately go to an urgent care, your doctor, or the emergency room. Hi, my name is Scott O’Sullivan of the O’Sullivan Law Firm, a personal injury law firm here in Denver, Colorado.

I get asked this question all the time: should I go see my doctor after an accident? The answer is absolutely yes. If you are hurt or injured, you need to go to an urgent care, go to the emergency room, go to your primary care doctor. Whoever it is, go as soon as you can after the collision. Here’s why.

One, it helps us have a record that you were in fact injured afterwards. If you wait too long or you think “oh I’m gonna get better, it’s gonna be okay,” it generally isn’t. If you’re sore, if you’re hurting, if you have strains and sprains, and, God forbid, broken bones or torn ligaments, then you need to see a doctor right away so that we have an explanation as to why this happened.

The fact that the accident happened may not be in dispute, but the cause of your injury always is, so that is one of the reasons you need to go to a doctor as soon as you can if you’re hurt.

It helps us with the records and in the end it gets you the care and treatment you need to get better, and that’s actually the entire point.

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