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Ways to Increase Your Visibility When Riding Your Bicycle in Denver

March 4, 2024

In August 2009, the Title 42 of the Colorado Statute was amended to incorporate the Bicycle Safety Bill. However, every experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Denver would agree that the newly enacted laws have not significantly lowered the number of bicycle accidents. Thus, many cyclists believe that the safety procedures incorporated in the Bicycle Safety Bill should be treated as a minimum rather than relying on them entirely.

Many bicycle accidents happen due to the cyclist’s lack of visibility. Even though the law only requires a reflector, headlight and tail light at night, these devices can be used at daytime as well, particularly on streets that are not well-lit. Since headlights and tail lights do not emit strong light rays compared to the lights of four-wheeled vehicles, and reflectors only work when illuminated by another light source, a cyclist should never be satisfied with just having the minimal legal requirement.

When to Make a Bicycle Injury Claim

In case of an accident, the first thing that a bicycle lawyer would have to figure out is whether or not the injured was partly at fault for the accident. Making sure your bike is well-equipped with safety devices could play an important role in ruling out the cyclist’s liability.

Bike Safety Measures

Cyclist riding with reflective gear safely

Due to the risks of being caught in an accident, the Colorado state law now explicitly requires all cyclists to install reflectors into their bikes. Cyclists should either use the regular red bike reflectors (aka “amber reflectors”) which are brighter than the regular ones.

Using adhesive reflective tape on the curves of the bike could also be another safety precaution. Make sure to purchase sturdy ones which are suitable for outdoor use and salty streets during the winter season. You can also put a strip of tape at the back of your helmet or your visor. Many helmet manufacturers refuse to use reflective material on the helmets because they are not willing to compromise the design.

Little do they know, reflectors on the helmet or visor would enable other vehicle drivers to see the cyclist from greater distances because they are within their view. Also, the cyclist wearing a helmet with a reflective tape would be seen wherever he goes or turns his head. These movements would also attract attention from other vehicle drivers.

Some cyclists also use gloves made with reflective fabric. Such gloves would enable other vehicle drivers to see a cyclist’s hand signals even from a farther distance compared to just using the regular rear-end reflectors.

There are also cyclists who use small Xenon strobe lights that are pinned on marine life jackets. These lights can be turned on whenever there is heavy fog or any kind of visibility hazard such as snow. However, make sure to turn them off in clear conditions because they might distract other vehicle drivers.

Test Your Bike’s Visibility

Cyclists on Denver roads with lights for safety

To make sure that your bicycle is equipped with the right visibility devices, you can conduct a test of your bike’s visibility. Look for a quiet area where you can put your bike next to the parked cars. Then drive past your bike using your headlights. Ask yourself whether you would be able to see yourself in dense traffic when your bike is surrounded by other vehicles.

A local bicycle accident lawyer would agree that in many cases, the liability of the cyclist will mainly depend on the measures he has taken to increase his bike’s visibility.

As Denver grows, more people use bikes to get around to avoid the hassle of parking, to enjoy our miles of bike paths, and to get exercise. The downside is that many bicycle accidents also happen in the Denver area. In case someone gets injured due to an accident, a personal injury lawyer with experience in bicycle accident cases should be consulted so the injured can make the most of their claim.

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