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Don’t Take Your Own Case: Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

October 26, 2016

good personal injury lawyerI am seeing a trend that I thought I should write about. Over the last few weeks, we’ve received calls from people who are trying to represent themselves in personal injury cases. They call for advice and, sadly, most have learned from us that they should have found an experienced

Put Down Your Phone & Prevent Distracted Driving in Colorado

October 20, 2016

distracted driving in ColoradoDistracted driving is such an epidemic in our country that the U.S. government has dedicated a stand-alone website to the issue. defines the problem this way, “Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving.” Our state has also dedicated …

What to Know When Choosing Between Personal Injury Firms

October 12, 2016

Personal Injury MillsIn a recent blog, I wrote about what I called “personal injury mills,” comparing those giant personal injury firms to the awful puppy mills that we read so much about these days. My last blog was focused on what you should expect from your personal injury firm and …

What to Expect from an Attorney with Your Personal Injury Case

October 5, 2016

personal injury case

Several times throughout any given year, I receive calls from people who have decided that they aren’t getting the kind of attention they deserve from their personal injury attorney. Typically, these people have signed up with one of those big firms that advertise a ton on television, radio, magazines and …

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