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9 Motorcycle Myths Debunked

July 26, 2017

motorcycle mythsSadly, in my line of work, I see a lot of motorcycle accident victims. And every summer, Colorado motorcyclists head out on the road, and I hear so many false claims about helmets, rider habits, car driver attitudes and even trial results from motorcycle accidents, but a few of these …

Top 5 Teen Driving Safety Tips + a Teen Driver Contract

July 19, 2017

teen driving safetyLately, I’ve seen a lot of those teen driver academy cars around my Denver neighborhood with very freaked-out-looking teenagers behind the wheel. The weather is nice and I’m sure that parents of high schoolers are dreaming of the freedom they’ll enjoy once they have another driver in the house.

I’m …

Good Driver Discounts in Colorado

July 14, 2017

good driver discountsAs a Denver personal injury lawyer, I tend to be hyper-focused on safety. It comes with the territory since I see so many people’s lives altered or destroyed in horrific Denver car and motorcycle accidents. Sadly, there are a lot of bad drivers out there who put the rest of …

Colorado Motorcycle Endorsement and Colorado Motorcycle Law FAQs

July 6, 2017

motorcycle endorsement

As a longtime supporter and board member of, I am fortunate enough to meet many serious Colorado motorcyclists. I attend Look Twice rides, biker rallies and I even sponsor events like the Pikes Peak Bike Week.

At nearly every gathering, I’m asked questions about Colorado’s motorcycle …

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