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The 5 Most Common (and Dangerous) Mistakes Drivers Make

July 31, 2014

Many of us sit in the driver’s seat of a car every single day, whether for quick trips around town or lengthy commutes. We drive for business, pleasure and every imaginable reason in between. For better or worse, driving is part of America’s car culture, and it’s such a basic …

What to Do When You Can’t See the Road

July 23, 2014

Taking a road trip when the sun is shining and the weather is warm can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. You’re driving along, the warm, evening sun is shining on you, and the perfect music makes you feel like you’re in a movie montage. But driving when conditions are …

The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Pulled Over

July 16, 2014

Most drivers get stopped by police at some point during their driving careers. If you haven’t yet, and you are a good driver (with a hefty dose of good luck along with it), there’s a small chance that you may avoid being pulled over ever. But it’s more likely that …

Planning the Perfect Colorado Road Trip – With or Without the Kids

July 9, 2014

Taking a road trip is an American summer tradition. Most of us probably have childhood memories of being packed into the back of a station wagon or minivan and hauled around to the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore or Disneyland. With so much great scenery, from big cities to open country, …

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