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Sturgis 2020 Giveaway

August 5, 2019

Win a trip to Sturgis 2020

“The first time I went to Sturgis, I remember thinking, ‘This motorcycle thing, this is me.'” – Brantley Gilbert

Through our advocacy arm, Rider Justice, and in partnership with Dirty Dogs Roadhouse, The O’Sullivan Law Firm is offering one free Sturgis Motorcycle Rally vacation package to help mark the 80th …

Why You Don’t See Motorcyclists, Pedestrians and Bicyclists on the Road with You

June 25, 2019

Driver doesn't see someone in his blindspot

As a car accident lawyer in Denver, I have heard this phrase more times than I care to count: “I didn’t see him!” Usually, this statement is made by a car driver trying to explain why he turned left in front of a motorcyclist or pulled out in front …

What to Do About Traffic Signals That Ignore Motorcycles

February 18, 2019

Motorcycle waiting at a red light that's not changing - Dead Red Lights for motorcyclesEverything is getting “smarter” these days. Our phones, our cars, our clothes washers and our televisions. Believe it or not, the same is true of our roads. Yes, autonomous cars are on the horizon but our very roads are also getting smarter as traffic experts attempt to use road data …

“High-Tech Redneck” Turns Motorcycle Podcast into Life’s Mission

October 4, 2018

Law Abiding Biker - Ryan UrlacherHello Denver readers! I just have to tell you about a motorcycle podcast that I recently found! As you know, I do a lot with the Colorado motorcycle community, from sponsoring rides to supporting BikerDown to giving away bikes. Recently, I was in a conversation with a biker who told

Announcing Rider Justice: Fighting for Bikers’ Rights

August 9, 2018

Rider Justice LogoI recently received a call from a man who was at a funeral home saying goodbye to his son. To say that this call was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” would be a serious understatement. Prior to this call, I was already feeling overwhelmed, emotional and angry about …

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