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Make Sure the Hospital Bills Your Health Insurance After an Accident – VIDEO

July 6, 2020
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In the hospital with a broken wrist after a car accidentHospitals don’t like to use your health insurance after an auto accident, even if it wasn’t your fault.

Hi, my name is Scott O’Sullivan of the O’Sullivan Law Firm. We’re a Colorado personal injury law firm, and I want to talk to you about a topic that I see come up quite often.

The first thing I need to tell you is you always need to submit your health insurance, whatever hospital, Urgent Care, ER, doctor, wherever you go as a result of your collision or accident. They need to use your health insurance, not the other side’s auto insurance because it doesn’t work that way. And not yours, unless you have medical payment coverage. That actually does come first, then your health insurance.

So you have to have medical payment coverage or med-pay with your auto insurance for that to apply. A good percentage of people have it, but there’s a lot that don’t.

Either way, the bottom line is we want you to use your health insurance. Here’s why. The hospitals, in particular Saint Anthony’s, St. Luke’s Presbyterian, Sky Ridge, they all like to use your auto insurance or try to use the other side’s auto insurance because here’s the bottom line: they can try to make more money from taking a lien on your case and essentially overcharging you, than the rate they get from the insurance company, your health insurance company.

Let me give a quick example. The average rate is, let’s say, a hundred dollars for you to walk in somewhere. Your health insurance maybe pays forty dollars, so forty cents on the dollar essentially. Where they’ll try to do a lien on your case, ignore the fact that you have health insurance, and try to do 80 to 90 cents on the dollar.

Obviously one of the reasons you hire a car accident attorney in Denver is to avoid that situation, and let us deal with trying to get the medical records paid or medical bills paid, and things like that.

But that’s a long-winded answer to say always use your health insurance when you go to a hospital. If you have med-pay that’s fine too, but always use it.

The other side’s insurance is not going to pay the bills as you go, so just always use it. In the end, it could literally save you tens of thousands, or in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars that would go to you instead of the hospital.

It’s a big deal. I’ve written other articles about this, so please check them out.

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