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Dedicated to Our Clients

“I became a lawyer to help others and it remains my calling in life. In fighting for victims’ rights, we side with the underdogs — the people who were injured due to someone else’s negligence. I’m very proud of the relationships I build with my clients and for the lasting impact of the work we do on their behalf.”

~ Scott O’Sullivan

“Immediately at ease.”

My wife and I interviewed other lawyers and they all made us uncomfortable. Scott put us at ease immediately. The way he handled the situation, the way he talked to us… he calmed us down. I knew I had to have surgery and go through rehab. Scott said, ‘Let me take care of the legal side of your case and your hospital bills and you just focus on getting better.’ Scott got my medical bills reduced. I still don’t know how he did it but I know that he did a lot of work behind the scenes.

~ Jay

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If you are looking for an attorney to help you after an accident, you should know that there is a distinct difference between personal injury attorneys and other types of lawyers. Personal injury attorneys don’t charge you a dime for anything until after your case is settled. If you have met an attorney who charges you for a consultation or asks you to pay a “signing fee” to handle your case, run the other way!

Personal injury law is one legal specialty that works on a contingency fee, which is simply a fancy way of saying, “free until we win.” You should pay nothing to your personal injury attorney until he or she secures a settlement for you from your case. At that point, your attorney will recoup some costs and receive an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement.

And by the way, it’s free to call me up to discuss your case. I would enjoy the opportunity to hear what you’re facing and to offer my help.


Our Promise To You

If you work with The O’Sullivan Law Firm, I promise:

At my firm, you will always work with an attorney and an attorney will always be in charge of your case. We have excellent paralegals supporting our attorneys’ work, but only an attorney — in consultation with you — should make decisions regarding your case.

In order to understand the full extent of your injuries and the legal ramifications of your auto accident or motorcycle accident, your attorney must take time – often a lot of time – to understand your case. You will get our undivided attention.

If a personal injury attorney simply looks at your insurance and the other driver’s insurance to determine the potential value of your case, then he’s not doing his job. There are many, many sources that may be available to you given the details of your unique case. Again, these can only be discovered by an attorney who is willing to listen and to spend time with you on your case. I will be that attorney for you.

Most people become lawyers because they want to help people. Sometimes, however, they get pulled into giant law firm machines that are more concerned about their bottom lines than their clients. You should seek an attorney who is still connected to the reasons that he or she went to law school in the first place: to help people.

Supporting Our Community

At The O’Sullivan Law Firm, we see our work on behalf of clients as a calling and we also believe we must act as good citizens in our communities. Click any of the icons below to visit our Community page, where you can see a complete list of the organizations we champion.

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Scott O’Sullivan

Founder, Personal Injury Attorney

Scott W. O’Sullivan is founder of The O’Sullivan Law Firm. He previously worked as an insurance company lawyer but left because he hated the way insurance companies treated accident victims. In 1996, Scott decided to represent only injury victims and he has never looked back.

Eli Ohlhausen

Personal Injury Attorney

While riding a motorcycle, Eli was injured due to another driver’s negligence. He hired an attorney who negotiated a good settlement of his claim and the process changed his life. Eli used his settlement to attend law school and has been fighting for accident victims ever since.

Cara New

Personal Injury Attorney

Cara New has brought numerous lawsuits against some of the largest insurance companies in the country, resulting in many six-figure and even seven-figure recoveries for her clients.

Our Support Team

Anna Grifa has been working in the field of personal injury law for over a decade, serving as legal assistant to several firms in the Denver area before landing at The O’Sullivan Law Firm. She says her favorite aspect of this area of law is that she is able to help people who have been wronged through no fault of their own.

Sharon Killoran has worked in the legal field since 1982. Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the firm’s practice, helping with everything from medical records requests, writing settlement demands and bookkeeping. She finds the personal injury field very rewarding because she enjoys personally helping people through the difficult challenges they’re facing as a result of accidents.

Claudia earned her associate degree in business from Red Rocks Community College and speaks Spanish fluently. She enjoys personal injury law because she has found that accident victims often don’t know critical information necessary to secure their rights and she enjoys helping them during what can be a stressful time.

Brittany Ann Hansen is a paralegal with The O’Sullivan Law Firm. She has been working in the field of personal injury law for nearly five years and says her favorite part of personal injury is litigating unfair cases to provide clients with the best possible outcome.

We Get Results

We boast an over 99% success rate with our cases. Simply put: With The O’Sullivan Law Firm, you and your case receive both personalized attention and the absolute best outcome possible. And because we work on a contingency fee, you won’t pay us any more than you pay those other firms.


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