Scott O’Sullivan, a personal injury lawyer in Denver, discusses the new study confirming PTSD in Auto Accidents. Over twenty percent of people who go to the ER after a car accident are diagnosed with PTSD, therefore affecting their ability to return to their normal lives.


Hi. My name is Scott O’Sullivan, and this is a quick video piece about an article that I heard this morning on Colorado Public Radio about a Dr. Jurkovich from Denver Health about PTSD. He’s an ER doctor, an ER surgeon and he has done a study in Denver General, and helping other doctors around the country conduct these studies, about PTSD in the general population. So, not just from returning soldiers from overseas, but from general population, like you and me. And, what he’s found is that people who have been injured in auto accidents, or in assaults, or a victim of some sort of violence, do experience PTSD. And, it is quite prevalent within our society and within victims who present to his ER.

And, he has determined that about twenty to thirty percent of people who go to his ER end up having PTSD and have it throughout the course of a year post accident or post trauma. And, it affects their ability to return to normal and daily activities in their normal life. And this is really important, because it helps us not only help our clients get proper diagnosis and proper treatment, but also helps us in the courtroom, so that someday, if my client’s case goes to trial, we have the research and the tools that our therapists and other people who have treated our clients can help use to establish that they do have PTSD, and that their symptoms and what’s happened to them is real and it’s not just made up, and they are not just being wimps, or whatever else the defense will try to call, or reason for why the defense thinks these people, our clients, shouldn’t have PTSD.

So, this is important, and if you want to take a look, or excuse me, hear this piece, you can go to Colorado Public Radio, at and just type in and Google it, Dr. Jurkovich, CPR PTSD, and you should be able to find it.

Thank you, and I hope you continue to watch additional blogs as they come out. Thanks.