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Safe Driving Trips for A Stay-At-Home Colorado Summer: 5 Tips to Stay Safe on Family Road Trips

June 9, 2020

If you’ve been out on the roads recently, you know that some drivers are taking advantage of the lighter traffic (due to more people working from home) and are regularly speeding well above the posted limits. Accounts of reckless and aggressive driving are soaring across the United States, too, including …

Denver’s Pedestrian-Only Roads Still Not Pedestrian Only

May 4, 2020

If you live in central Denver, then you’ve probably encountered, or at least heard about, the roads that have recently been closed to through traffic. Along with several other large cities, at the beginning of the month, Denver closed several streets in order to make more room for people to …

Using Your Cellphone While Driving in Colorado? FAQs

February 5, 2020

Person driving in Colorado using their phone in their car

The O’Sullivan Law Firm supports Colorado’s SB20-65, introduced on January 8, 2020, to limit the use of mobile electronic devices while driving. After many years of witnessing firsthand the devastation that distracted driving can cause, we’re committed to working with Colorado Senator Lois Court, the original sponsor of the bill, …

Why You Don’t See Motorcyclists, Pedestrians and Bicyclists on the Road with You

June 25, 2019

Driver doesn't see someone in his blindspot

As a car accident lawyer in Denver, I have heard this phrase more times than I care to count: “I didn’t see him!” Usually, this statement is made by a car driver trying to explain why he turned left in front of a motorcyclist or pulled out in front …

Stop Sign in Lakewood? What Stop Sign?

May 21, 2019

Driver approaching a stop sign. Lakewood, CO stop signs that people run.The other day, I was driving through Lakewood to a meeting and I saw a driver just blow through a stop sign at a four-way stop. Worse, she proceeded to do the same thing all the way down the avenue, running stop sign after stop sign as though they were …

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