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People Making our Roads Safer

November 11, 2015


I’ve heard from many readers who have appreciated the information I’m sharing about teen drivers. If we can start them off right behind the wheel, our roads will be safer (and we parents will sleep better!).

Toward that end, I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful company doing …

‘Tis The Season… To Get a Ride Home

October 22, 2015

Holiday UberFundraising season is upon us! Time to dust off those black ties and dig deep to support your favorite causes. Here in Denver, we already saw the wonderful Children’s Hospital Colorado event, and many other important organizations will be hosting their galas over the next few months.

Revelers take note! …

Top Five Topics to Discuss with Teen Drivers

June 11, 2015

Teen DriverIt can be terrifying to a parent to hand over the keys to the car. Oftentimes, parents sign a contract with their teen, holding them accountable for good behavior. (See the O’Sullivan Parent/Teen Driver contract here.)

It may seem like Parenting 101, but you need to have open communication …

A Parent Contract for Teen Drivers

June 3, 2015

Teen Driver ContractParents, take note!  Before you hand the keys over to your teen driver, you need to have a heart-to-heart about your expectations and the consequences your teen will face for ignoring them.

This does not have to be a “put the hammer down” conversation. Remember that this is an exciting …

Oh, Those Annoying Rubberneckers

April 23, 2014

I confess: I have rubbernecked at accidents. And I’ve been in long lines on Interstate 25 that were caused almost entirely by rubberneckers who were trying to get a glimpse of a car accident.

You know what happens next… those rubberneckers run into each other causing rear-ends on the highway.…

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