Emergency Car KitI’ve written a lot recently about teen drivers and my readers really seem to appreciate the information. Then it hit me: I need to write about the things that teen drivers (and everyone else) should keep in their car in case of emergencies! Everyone should have an emergency car kit.

Especially with the crazy weather we get here in Colorado, it’s especially important to be prepared for the unexpected.

My list of the top 21 things you should keep in your emergency car kit:

  1. First aid kit
  2. Flashlight and extra batteries
  3. Window scraper
  4. Gloves and socks
  5. Duct tape
  6. Charged cell phone
  7. Cell phone adapter and cord
  8. Power bank (such as this one at Amazon)
  9. Reflective warning triangles
  10. Tire gauge
  11. Foam tire sealant
  12. Jumper cables
  13. Tool kit
  14. Jacket or rain poncho
  15. Drinking water
  16. Snacks (such as nonperishable bars)
  17. Blanket
  18. Compact snow shovel
  19. Cat litter or road salt
  20. Matches
  21. A gallon of window washing fluid

You should also make sure that you have your vehicle’s owner’s manual in the glove box. Sometimes the difference between hours stuck on the side of the road and a minor setback can be a little toggle switch that you might find in the manual. (I heard of one mom who got a call from her panicked teen daughter because her steering wheel had locked after she parked it. The mom walked her daughter through the process of finding the necessary information in the owner’s manual and they were able to unlock the wheel, saving the mom a 2-hour round trip drive to go rescue her daughter!)

If you travel with children a lot, you might also add some games to the emergency kit. You don’t want your kids to panic while you resolve the situation, so distract them with games. (And maybe some M&Ms, too.)

Stay safe on Colorado’s unpredictable roads by staying prepared!