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Let’s End Distracted Driving In Colorado!

January 10, 2019
Colorado Legislature Safety

Time is of the Essence

Distracted driving is killing Coloradans. Now there is a bill making its way through the Colorado Senate that could save lives. It’s called the “Use of Electronic Mobile Devices While Driving” Bill (SB19-012) and it is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Transportation & Energy Committee on Thursday, Jan 24, 9:45 am, Conference Room 352 in the State Capitol.

As explained in a recent article by Michael Roberts of Westword, who interviewed me about the bill:

The law currently restricts those under eighteen from using any mobile device while driving, but it does not do that for people over eighteen. The change proposed now would make it unlawful for anyone to have a mobile device in their hand while driving unless they come to a complete stop or for emergency services — like their life is under threat or they’re calling 911 to help somebody else or themselves.”

Just as important, driving while using a handheld phone “can be a primary offense. If an officer sees you with a mobile device in your hand, he or she can pull you over for that.”

Tell Your Senators to Pass This Law

I urge you to call and email each of the Senators below and let them know you support this bill.

Suggested language: “Senator [Name], I urge you to make Colorado’s roads safer by supporting Senate Bill 2019-012. Every single day, I see people texting while driving. It’s completely out of control and it’s got to stop! I will be watching the vote on January 24 and I sincerely hope that you vote for safe roads in Colorado.”

List of Senators to contact:

Senator Faith Winter, Chair of the Committee • 303-866-4863

Senator Brittany Pettersen, Vice Chair of the Committee • 303-866-4859

Senator John Cooke • 303-866-4451

Senator Kerry Donovan • 303-866-4871

Senator Mike Foote • 303-866-5291

Senator Kevin Priola • 303-866-4855

Senator Ray Scott • 303-866-3077

Would You Like to Help Us Pass This Law?

Text me your contact information (303-388-5304) and I’ll make sure you know what’s happening next.

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