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BikerDown’s 2018 Look Twice, Save a Life Ride

June 3, 2018
community Motorcycles

On Saturday, May 12, 100 riders and supporters gathered at Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson to honor friends and family who have been injured or killed on Colorado roadways and to spread the message: Say NO to distracted driving!

The O’Sullivan Law Firm was pleased to be the major sponsor for BikerDown’s annual Look Twice, Save a Life Ride, for the fourth year in a row. This is a cause I feel extremely passionate about because I see too many bikers victimized by distracted drivers.

Laurie Montoya, founder of BikerDown, opened the event by thanking everyone for coming even though the weather was threatening with cold and drizzle in the morning. Ultimately, Mother Nature let the sunshine break through and everyone was thrilled!

Laurie Montoya, Founder of BikerDown, with Scott O’Sullivan.

I spoke briefly to the riders about motorcycle insurance, which is as critical to your riding “gear” as good pants or gloves or a jacket. In a nutshell: basic insurance coverage is not enough. My message to them was that there are too many uninsured or underinsured drivers on the road and that riders must carry enough insurance to take care of themselves if the worst should happen. To my great happiness, several riders came to see me to review their insurance coverage through an app on their phones and we were able to increase their coverage on the spot! (If you’d like me to review your insurance, just call! Let’s get you properly geared up for summer riding.)

Susan Dane of Coloradans Organized for Responsible Driving gave updates on the group’s activities including their goal to push through a hands-free driving bill in 2019. The bill, which would essentially make it illegal to use a mobile device in your car with your hands, had massive community support when her organization’s bill last came to a vote but it was still voted down on party lines, 3 to 2. Dane promised, “We’re not done and we’re not going away. We want the roads to be safer for everyone.”

L-R: Kermit, Dennis, & Randy

Other speakers included Dennis Tye, Randy Savely and Kermit DeJong, each of whom has lost a leg in motorcycle accidents. They spoke about how BikerDown helped them and how they moved forward with riding and staying safe on the road. We are grateful these three men are still with us and for sharing their stories with humor and grace.

Chomper Montoya took the microphone to thank his wife, Laurie, for all the work she does to help injured riders. He also reminded the crowd that in order for BikerDown to provide assistance to bikers, they must receive an official Help Request from their website. “If you know someone that needs our help, put a help request in [on the website]. We’re not ambulance chasers and we’re not people chasers. We also can’t assume that people want help. We need that request.”

The ride ended at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse, in Golden, where riders participated in contests and fun to help raise more money for the BikerDown’s accident fund.

Thank you to everyone that attended and to those who continue to spread the word: Look Twice for Motorcycles!

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