Welcome to the O’Sullivan Law Firm!

Scott O’Sullivan and the team of personal injury attorneys in our Denver office love working and living in Denver. Check out our location and office; we hope it feels like home.


Hi guys, Scott O’Sullivan here. I just wanted to show you our home. This has been my home now since 2013, so it’ll be six years this December. And we live obviously in the heart of the city, which I know for some people is a little intimidating. But we’re in a great little neighborhood, with plenty of parking on the side streets.

I was lucky enough to be able to get this building a number of years ago. I love it because I love Denver. Denver’s been my home now since 1992. I have always loved practicing law here, and I love the fact that I can walk to different places all around here. My
whole team fits within the building, and I just love the old aspect to it.

When you come in I hope you feel like it’s home. I’ve chosen it to be that way in a work environment, but it should feel right when you walk in, and I hope I hope you feel that way!

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