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Visiting the Hospital During Covid

June 24, 2020
Colorado Safety

Person in a denver car accident at the hospital

The pandemic has impacted us in a lot of ways, mostly making experiences more uncertain and raising a lot of questions. However, if you are injured, or involved in a car accident, then be sure to call 911 and/or get yourself to the ER at the hospital, as you normally would. Doctors have stated that emergency rooms are safe, and you should go if you need to. Do not avoid the hospital because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer in Denver, as you may be entitled to compensation.

Call the hospital ahead of time, if possible, so you know what to expect. In some cases, when you arrive at the hospital you will be met outside by hospital staff who are there to guide coronavirus-related patients to a certain area to get help. While hospitals are seeing daily coronavirus-related patients, they are not typically overcrowded due to the pandemic.

If you have ongoing medical needs, then it is crucial you keep your appointments and continue to receive your treatment. Call ahead to confirm with your doctor. Taking the necessary precautions – wearing a face mask, etc. – may be uncomfortable, but it is in your best interest. Particularly if the collision was due to someone else’s negligence, seeking medical care is crucial for your wellbeing as well as to support your case.

And remember, insurance companies are not your friend. They will not be kind to those who fail to have themselves evaluated after an injury or push off timely appointments and procedures.

Elective procedures that are not time-sensitive or insurance-related may be postponed if you aren’t comfortable going to a hospital or medical facility. But I recommend calling your doctor because it’s likely a good time to get treated with so many people staying home.

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