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What Are You Doing to Stay Sane?!

November 26, 2020
Colorado Tips

Confession: This article has absolutely nothing to do with personal injury law. Instead, it’s all about staying sane during the pandemic.

As I work from home, my son is doing online school and my wife down the hall in her own office, I find myself dreaming of what I would RATHER be doing. Which, if I’m being honest, is just about ANYTHING that does not involve a screen or my home.

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Increasingly, I find myself drawn to the idea of camping. I have all these bucolic dreams of hitting the road next summer, driving into the mountains, getting beyond the reach of civilization, fishing, cooking out, breathing deeply (without a mask) and generally reconnecting with nature. These dreams lead me to surf the internet (dang screens!), looking for the coolest camping gadgets and accommodations that the outdoor industry can conjure up. Not that I’ll necessarily buy them; it’s the distraction of looking for them and discovering them that keeps me sane right now.

I’ve discovered a concept called “overlanding,” which seems pretty much like what we used to call “car camping” when I was a kid. Basically, the idea is to get off the beaten path as far as you possibly can with a vehicle that provides your shelter and other nice-to-haves.

And let me tell you… the “nice-to-haves” can get really nice!

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For example, have you seen these concepts called “tiny trailers” that are like Swiss Army knives, full of hidden compartments and tools and amenities? These things have sinks and ovens and grills and beds and coolers and solar panels and wine racks and stereos and… my goodness. Hitch it up to your off-road vehicle and head for the hills with everything you need!

I’ve also discovered some reviewers whom I rely on to share helpful advice for rookies like me, and some of them are hilarious! This guy is good for a reliable laugh, as well as great tips and tricks. As he says, “Welcome back to Wasting Time in the Woods where I obsess over the most expensive crap in the camping world and then I cut corners on the execution so that I can tell you all about my cheap finds and massive, massive regrets.”

Obsessing about expensive camping crap and then trying to save money is my new favorite thing!

Perhaps even better, when you dive into this industry (and go down the internet rabbit hole), you discover that there are some really Zen videos about just how awesome this lifestyle could be. Check out one of this organization’s gorgeous, calming videos. THIS! This is what I dream about!

Just in case I’ve piqued your interest, here are the main sites that I stalk:

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I asked around my office to see what others are doing to stay sane and learned that sometimes the projects we take on can make us LESS sane.

For example, attorney Eli Ohlhausen said he rebuilt his deck, “which just about drove me crazy.” To get away from that project, Eli says he’s been hiking, mountain biking and riding his motorcycles.

Our legal assistant Anna Grifa is spending time in parks and nature, putting together a bucket list of travel spots for the future, and “handing out a hundred snacks a day to her kids to keep the meltdown mania to a minimum!”

And legal assistant Claudia Mendola has put a lot of thought and effort into staying sane during the pandemic. She said, “So what I am doing to stay sane during these times is exercising religiously more than ever! I feel that regardless of what is happening in the world, home workouts have been helping tremendously physically and mentally. Also, I try to get ready most days, doing my hair and makeup and avoid being in PJs all day. I play football and basketball with my son at the park, so he keeps me busy. Also, I try to keep in touch and talk to friends as much as possible since seeing each other is not an option at the moment. I am also reading a lot before bed. Before the pandemic, I would read a book once in a while versus now it is a daily thing for me personally.”

I know others are baking, buying new pets, puzzling, getting fit, getting fat…

I’d love to know what you’re doing to stay sane right now! Text me at 303-388-5304 to let me know!

Together, we will make it to Summer 2021. Please stay safe and stay well.

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