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Assisted Braking (Video)

November 26, 2019
Colorado Safety technology

Assisted Braking Saves the Day

Assisted braking is a relatively new safety feature, but it recently saved Scott from being in a terrible car accident in Northern Colorado on I-25.


What I want to talk to you about is the experience I just had coming back from a trip in Wyoming. I have a car that has the assisted braking that has like the the radar up here behind the mirror, and what it helps with is it sees that a car maybe stopped short in front of you, and your reaction time is a little bit slower. And what it does is it helps you brake.

So a couple weeks ago my friend was driving home and I was in the passenger seat kind of dozing off, and all of a sudden I hear the car making noise, my seat belt scooched me in quick, you know got me tight, and then it helped him brake, he thought about over 50%.

And it really stopped us from smashing the crud out of the car that was in front of us. Had it not done that for sure we would have hit the car in front of us probably going at least 40 miles an hour and would have been substantial damage to the poor car in front of us, and then would have probably totaled this car. It is certainly the wave of the future.

I love Toyotas for the fact that they have it now standard in every single car except the 4runner (which is stupid), but it should be in every car, standard, sold in America because it makes such a difference. It stopped the whole highway from being shut down because we could have hit somebody.

And by the way, my friend was paying attention. It’s just one of those terrible I-25 stop and go things where you’re going 70 miles an hour and then you’re stopping, and that’s what this kind of stuff is I think perfect for it.

So anyway love that that’s happening, and in the big scheme of things kinda hurts me with cases, but I think that’s actually a positive in the the big scheme of things.

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