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Hiring the Right Motorcycle Lawyer in Denver

January 5, 2024

For a lot of reasons, it can be hard to know how to hire a motorcycle attorney in Denver. Our city is blessed (?) with a lot of attorneys who would like to handle your motorcycle crash case. But that does not mean they are the right attorney for …

Vibrio vulnificus is Expanding Thanks to Warming Oceans

December 24, 2023

This story is about a real-life, flesh-eating bacteria. It’s called Vibrio vulnificus and I have written about it before because I have represented victims who got the disease from eating raw, untreated oysters.

I’m writing about it again because climate change is making it worse and its reach is expanding. …

How to Find an Honest Personal Injury Attorney in Denver

December 18, 2023

Finding the right personal injury attorney in Denver can significantly impact the outcome of your case and overall experience. And my goodness, is this getting harder these days.

Did you know that some big, national firms are buying up local personal injury firms in an effort to take over this …

Addressing the Rise in Pedestrian Deaths at Night: A Denver Perspective

December 12, 2023

In a revealing piece, the New York Times recently highlighted a worrying trend across America: the increasing number of pedestrian fatalities occurring at night. It’s fascinating and I highly recommend you check it out.

(Tangent: The interactive stories put out by the Times and their data geeks are fascinating to …

FAQ: Do I Owe Taxes on Money Awarded From an Injury Case?

December 10, 2023

After sustaining an injury and then successfully recovering damages, the last thing that comes to mind is whether or not taxes are due on the money awarded. Having a personal injury lawyer representing you has likely resulted in a substantial award. After all, the amount you received should reflect the …

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