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COVID-19 Message: We are open and taking precautions

March 18, 2020
Colorado community Safety

At The O’Sullivan Law Firm, we are taking the situation seriously and are doing our part to help slow the spread of this dangerous virus. As you can see our office is located in a historic home in Denver where all our team members and clients are treated like family. We are here for you, like always. During these difficult times, our firm is focused on protecting our clients and staff while our community, and the whole world fights to contain the COVID-19 virus.

Our Staff

On March 11, 2020 we had a firm meeting where I outlined the steps that we must take to protect ourselves, our families, and our clients.

First, I extended paid sick time for all my staff so that they don’t feel pressure to show up to work sick. I also assured them that should their kids’ schools close we will find ways to get through this together while serving the needs of our clients.

Second, we know it is crucial that guidelines for cleanliness and social distancing are followed to minimize the spread of Coronavirus to our community’s most vulnerable population. Luckily, each one of our staff has their own private office where they can work well away from others. There are no shared workspaces and they are encouraged to work from home if they or any member of their household feels sick.

When Colorado became locked down, all members of the staff started working from home through a secured network. Our network is encrypted and meets the highest confidentiality standards.

Our Clients and Potential Clients

We are here and working on your case as usual with no interruption of service. In the interest of safety, our staff is working from home but we are available. You may call or text us at 303-388-5304 with any questions.

As you can well imagine, there may be some agencies that we contact on your behalf that may be slower at responding than usual, such as hospitals. There may be delays at the government level due to shutdowns. However, we are here and will continue to drive your case forward with the same attention and devotion you and your case deserve.

For our potential clients, normally we are happy to meet you wherever is most convenient for you. However, due to social distancing and safety concerns, we will not be meeting clients in hospitals and/or hospice care facilities. As always, we are happy to meet with you in our offices if you are not sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Alternatively, we are happy to work with you electronically, and once this crisis is over to meet in person.

On-Going Cases and Litigation Cases

We are still working on settlements and we have signed up new cases since Governor Polis began instituting restrictions. So if you or someone you know gets hurt, we can still definitely help take care of the case.

In our litigation cases, we are working with opposing counsel and the courts to continue the flow of our cases. The courts are working to keep the caseloads flowing but, are doing so on a limited basis. If delays occur in your case we will let you know immediately.

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