Video Transcript

I want to talk to you today about what  NOT to do if you’re in a motorcycle accident. One of the first things you should not do, is give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company, they will try to use it against you.

The next would be, don’t be a tough guy. Get the treatment you need, listen to your doctors, do whatever it takes for you to get better, it’s not just going to heal on its own. You need that medical attention and treatment; you need to get better.

The next would be, don’t assume it’s obvious you’re the victim in the accident. This is why you need to get all of the witness’s information and anybody else who was at the scene, so we can talk to them and find out what they have to say, because there is a bias out there against riders. Assume that they’re biased against you and are not going to be on your side. For other information about what not to do after a motorcycle accident, and speak to Denver’s motorcycle lawyer, give me a call.