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What Are Contingency Fees? [Video]

July 24, 2012

Video Transcript

Today I want to talk about contingency fees and what they mean. A contingency fee is where I get paid on a percentage
of the gross amount that I collect for you as a result of the accident that you’re in and it usually comes from the other side’s insurance company. So I don’t get paid by the hour, you don’t pay me a retainer or some sort offee to keep me as your lawyer. We work on a contingency fee meaning we push to get you the most that we can for your medical bills, your lost wages deductibles, co-pays, future care and treatment. Whatever your injuries are as a result of an auto accident or motorcycle accident.

In addition to my contingency fee there are things called costs.These are things that people charge me that come out in the end of whatever settlement were able to get for you. Costs are such things as court fees, getting copies of your medical records, hiring a private investigator, whatever it takes to help pursue your case. Those would be in
addition to my attorney’s fees which are contingency fees.

If you have any questions about contingency fees or your case give me a call.

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