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FAQ: What To Do In The Event of a Motorcycle Accident [Video]

September 4, 2012

Video Transcript

What do you need to do in the event of a motorcycle accident with another vehicle? First, if you’re conscious and able to move, get out of traffic and into safety as soon as you can.

If you’re not able to do that, then let’s talk about what to do if your buddy is in an accident. The first thing you do is secure the area to keep your friend safe. The second is don’t ever take off his helmet or move him. Let that person and the rider stay there on the ground and help secure the scene. The next is, get as much information from the witness as you can. Get their telephone numbers, email address, home address, any information you can get to get in touch with them later. Why? Because there is a bias out there against motorcycle riders. Even when the case is clear where a driver makes a left hand turn in front of a motorcycle rider and hits the motorcycle rider, there is a bias against the rider and a lot of times the rider gets the ticket, NOT the other driver.

These are important things to do after the accident, if you have any other questions about tips or information you need, give me a call.

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