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Scooter Hit and Run in Denver

January 14, 2024

In the bustling city of Denver, the rise of dockless scooters has brought convenience and a new dynamic to urban transportation. However, this convenience comes with its challenges, especially when accidents happen. This story seeks to shed light on the rights of pedestrians and cyclists who share the road with scooters. It also emphasizes the responsibilities of scooter drivers in Denver.

Scooter Riders Hit a Pedestrian on Cherry Creek Trail

Recently, a bicyclist experienced a horrific hit-and-run in Denver. Not by a car, but by a group of scooter riders! This biker’s tragic experience, as reported by Denverite, highlights the risks associated with the increasing popularity of scooters. The individual, while biking along the Cherry Creek Trail, was hit by a group of four people riding scooters. And all four of them made the unthinkable decision of riding away, leaving the biker to suffer on the trail.

A passerby called for an ambulance and the cyclist was taken to the hospital, where he learned that he had a broken clavicle, five broken ribs, a collapsed lung, serious bruising down his leg, and a concussion.

The Denverite article states, “As electric scooter ridership grows in Denver, cyclists and pedestrians are exposed to … reckless scooter riders moving fast on bike lanes and trails originally designed for biking and walking.”

I heard about this incident on Colorado Public Radio and decided I should write another article about scooters in Denver. This tragic crash sheds light on the importance of understanding the rights of pedestrians and the responsibilities of scooter riders in Denver.

Pedestrian/Cyclist Rights After a Scooter Crash

Lime Scooters in a row

If you’re a pedestrian injured in a scooter accident, here’s what you should know:

Compensation Rights

You have the right to seek compensation for injuries caused by a scooter rider’s negligence, including medical expenses and other related costs. Now, of course, if the scooter rider(s) take off, you will likely be left to your own devices. This means you need to make sure you carry excellent car insurance and homeowner’s insurance, if you own a home.

Check Your Insurance

Yes, your car and homeowner’s insurance can help you if you are hit by a scooter rider. Talk to your agent about the ways you might be able to access your policies if you are hit by a scooter in Denver. Also, of course, you will be able to access your own health insurance.

Remember, just as a high number of car drivers in Colorado are uninsured or underinsured, a scooter driver is unlikely to carry enough insurance to cover your needs after a scooter crash. I always recommend that absolutely everyone get Underinsured Motorist Coverage.

Seek Legal Advice

Navigating legal and insurance processes can be complex. Consulting with a personal injury attorney can provide clarity and support. In fact, if you are the victim of a scooter hit-and-run, an experienced attorney may be able to help you find the criminal who ran over you. There are usually witnesses and even public cameras that might have captured the incident. Don’t give up! Contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as you can.

Importance of Reporting a Run In with a Scooter

Always report the incident to the police. This is crucial for any insurance or legal claims. If you don’t report the incident, there won’t be a police report. Even your own insurance company may try to deny you coverage if you don’t have legal proof of what occurred in the scooter hit-and-run.

Responsibilities of Scooter Riders

Scooter rider in DenverI think I speak for everyone when I express my absolute disgust with the fact that four individuals each decided to ride away from someone they had hit and injured. This is appalling and I hold out hope that one of those people is searching their conscience and realizing that they cannot live with this burden. We shall see.

As for the general population of scooter drivers, whom I hope are more ethical, it is important for you to remember rules and habits to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Traffic Law Compliance

Scooter riders should adhere to bicycle laws, using bike lanes where available and respecting traffic signals. For the most part, in Denver, the rules for e-scooters are the same as those for bicycles or e-bikes. This means that e-scooters must be driven in bike lanes and on the right-most side of the road when there isn’t one. You are not allowed to ride an e-scooter, a bike or an e-bike on a sidewalk unless it’s part of a designated bike path, or you’re getting on or off of it. And when you are on a sidewalk, you can’t go more than 6 mph and must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

You Need Insurance

Scooters don’t come with automatic insurance coverage. In fact, when you download the apps for the various scooter companies (Lyft, Spin, etc.) and accept all their terms and conditions, you pretty much waive every right for compensation from them should you get into an accident. This means that you are responsible for making sure that you operate the electric scooter properly and lawfully and that you also carry the right insurance to cover your medical bills if you get hurt. If you crash or get hit, you need to make sure that the bills won’t overwhelm your finances.

Safe Riding Practices

Scooters are more dangerous than you think. I see a lot of scooter riders who have been hit by cars and their injuries can be catastrophic. Wear a helmet. Don’t use a phone while riding. Make sure you can hear traffic (no earbuds). Stick to safe speeds, especially where pedestrians are sharing the trail with you.

Safety on Denver’s streets is a shared responsibility. Pedestrians should stay alert in scooter-populated areas, and scooter riders should prioritize safety, especially in pedestrian zones. Denver’s dynamic streets require cooperation and respect from pedestrians and scooter riders alike. Awareness of one’s rights and responsibilities, along with safe practices, can significantly reduce accidents and ensure a harmonious coexistence.

If you have been hit by a scooter rider in Denver, give me a call asap so that we can investigate the incident and interview witnesses! 303-388-5304



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