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Hit By a Drunk Driver? Here’s What to Do

September 8, 2022
DUI Accidents

If you’re hit by a drunk driver, the first steps you should take are typical of most traffic accidents. If you’re not severely injured, you should:

  • Get yourself out of traffic, to a safe area
  • Move your vehicle out of traffic IF it’s safe to do so
  • Call 911

Do I Need to Call 911 if a Drunk Driver Hits My Car?

Hit By a Drunk Driver? Here's what to do. Call 911. Smartphone calling 911.

Calling 911 is key. And it’s required by law under the following circumstances:

  • Someone is injured
  • The accident is a hit and run
  • Public property was damaged
  • Someone is under the influence

If the at-fault driver had been driving erratically, or something similar tipped you off to their inebriated state, you may want to call the police before ever exiting your vehicle, as long as you’re out of harm’s way.

Take down their license plate if you can.

DO NOT accuse, confront or threaten an intoxicated driver. That could cause them to become aggressive or flee the scene. We need them to stay put until the police arrive.

When the police arrive they will take your statement. THIS IS WHEN you mention the possibility of the other driver’s impairment. They will take it from there.

You never need to engage with other drivers except to get a photo of their insurance information and driver’s license.

The remaining steps after an accident remain the same:

  • Take lots of pictures of the scene and all vehicles involved
  • Take a picture of the other driver(s) insurance card and license(s)
  • Get any witnesses’ contact info and film witness reports if possible. The police can also help you with this.
  • Visit a hospital or clinic for any injuries. Don’t be a tough guy. You need to do this for legal and insurance purposes
  • Record a video of yourself or write down what happened while your memory is fresh.
  • DO NOT post anything on social media

Hit by a Drunk Driver – Do I Need a Lawyer?

First follow the steps above, then call or text me at 303-388-5304 if you have any questions, including whether or not you need a lawyer.

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